El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 13 - Page 8

Global government surveillance: I'll spy for you, if you spy for me How lean development improved software security at Fannie Mae Aviation industry takes steps to mitigate insider threats How to stop threats before they hit your network The best antivirus? Kaspersky leads in latest tests, but that's only part of the story Data and privacy breach notification plans: What you need to know Doing security policies right Fireside Chat with Renesas Electronics: Talking Security & Threat Protection for Connected Cars Bezop Cryptocurrency Server Spills 25K in Private Investor, Promoter Data Europol Smacks Down World's Largest DDoS-for-Hire Market Exploit Targets Nvidia Tegra-Based Nintendo Systems Metamorfo Targets Brazilian Users with Banking Trojans Muhstik Botnet Exploits Highly Critical Drupal Bug Orangeworm Mounts Espionage Campaign Against Healthcare Podcast: Why Manufacturers Struggle To Secure IoT Amplification attacks and old botnets make a comeback Connectivity is driving the manufacturing boom, but beware of unwanted attention Cybersecurity strategies neglected in wake of the boardroom’s quest for digital Department for work and pensions spending nearly £15m on GDPR Ever wondered how to make malware visual...Enter Maltoons! Traditional security defences may prove inadequate for effective GDPR strategies, warns Aruba 13 Year-Old Configuration Flaw Impacts Most SAP Deployments Amazon Alexa Can Be Used for Snooping, Researchers Say Authorities Take Down Largest DDoS Services Marketplace Closing the Gaps that Result in Compromised Credentials Drupal to Release Second Drupalgeddon2 Patch as Attacks Continue Flexibility vs. Security - A False Choice What is a Cybersecurity Technology Platform Anyway? Why data governance should be corporate policy PyRoMine Uses NSA Exploit for Monero Mining and Backdoors Researchers Hacked Amazon's Alexa to Spy On Users, Again Rubella Crimeware Kit: Cheap, Easy and Gaining Traction ThaiCERT Seizes Hidden Cobra Server Linked to GhostSecret, Sony Attacks Uber Tightens Bug Bounty Extortion Policies SamSam Ransomware Evolves Its Tactics Towards Targeting Whole Companies Kaspersky Lab identifies infrastructure of Crouching Yeti known for attacks on industrial companies New malware strain strikes X-ray and MRI systems – how can we cure the security sickness? Synopsys Survey Reveals Only Half of CI/CD Workflows Include Application Security Te sting Elements Take back the initiative on DDoS protection – it’s time to be proactive The cyber intelligence landscape is evolving Hotel Rooms Around the World Susceptible to Silent Breach Internet Exposure, Flaws Put Industrial Safety Controllers at Risk of Attacks New Advanced Phishing Kit Targets eCommerce Picture This. Now Protect It. Ransomware Hits Ukrainian Energy Ministry Website Researchers Dissect Tool Used by Infamous Russian Hacker Group