El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 12 - Page 7

DevOps May Be Cause of and Solution to Open Source ... Firms More Likely to Tempt Security Pros With Big ... First Public Demo of Data Breach via IoT Hack Comes ... How GDPR Forces Marketers to Rethink Data & Security How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence for ... 'Tech Accord' Emphasizes Teamwork To Prevent Hacking Damage Active Defense: Ethical and Legal Concerns Assessing the Nation-State Threat Battling Social Engineering Attacks Bullish on Security DHS Secretary: US Won’t Tolerate Cyber Meddling Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity’s Burden Gartner’s Litan on Blockchain GRC Evolves Into Integrated Risk Management 4 Telcos Form Cybersecurity Alliance: What Will Impact Be? Huge Malware Distribution Network Crippled Insights Into 2018 Threat Report Life After WannaCry's Wake-Up Call: What's Next? 1-in-4 orgs using public cloud has had data stolen Anomali partners with Visa to offer global payment breach intelligence Customized IOCs, intelligence and SOC automation for orgs of every size Devs know application security is important, but have no time for it Distributed security event correlation solution helps SOCs combat cyber- attacks Energy security pros worry about catastrophic failure due to cyberattacks FDA plans to improve medical device cybersecurity How attackers can exploit iTunes Wi-Fi sync to gain lasting control of target devices NIST releases Cybersecurity Framework 1.1 Moxa plugs serious vulnerabilities in industrial secure router Most US consumers don't trust companies to keep their data private Should CISOs Be Hackers? SunTrust Ex-Employee May Have Stolen Data on 1.5 ... Symantec Now Offers Threat Detection Tools Used by ... The Role of KPIs in Incident Response Mitigating Open Source Security Vulnerabilities No Card Required: ‘Black Box’ ATM Attacks Move Into Europe Privileged Access: Business Promise, Breach Peril RSA 2018: Hot Cybersecurity Trends Sizing Up US Federal Security Strategy Talking Security: How to Avoid the FUD Trap The ‘New Science’ of Cybersecurity The Evolution of Data Protection The New Culture of Security The Total Cost of Fraud Machine Learning and the Skills Gap Why Diversity Matters Why the Security Ecosystem Needs the Theory of Evolution Open-source library for improving security of AI systems Organizations are becoming more resilient to focused cyber attacks Real-time detection of consumer IoT devices participating in DDoS attacks Researchers develop algorithm to detect fake users on social networks Researchers propose scheme to secure brain implants Tech-skilled cybersecurity pros in high demand and short supply Third-party and insider threats one of the biggest concerns to IT pros Top tech firms pledge not to help governments launch cyberattacks US, UK warn Russians hackers are compromising networking devices worldwide When BEC scammers specialize Your Android phone says it's fully patched, but is it really?