El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 12 - Page 6

Other Important News #BSidesSF: How to Solve Infosec Problems with Creative Solutions #RSAC: Defenders Need to Work Together for Better Protection #RSAC: DHS Secretary Discusses Strategies for a New Age of Security #RSAC: Diversity Essential in Building Cybersecurity Talent Pipeline #RSAC: It’s Time to Kill the Pen Test Google's Project Zero to Microsoft: 90 Days Are up to Fix Windows 10 Bug #RSAC: Reschma Saujani: We Can End Cyber Gender Imparity in a Decade #RSAC: RSA President Urges Cybersecurity Industry to Concentrate on Security Not Threats #RSAC: Security Considerations Around Digital Business Transformation #RSAC: The Five Most Dangerous New Attacks According to SANS #RSAC: The Impact of Industrial IoT Exploits 48 Million Detailed Psychometric Records on Individuals Leaked 70% of Energy IT Pros Fear 'Catastrophic Failure' fro