El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 12 - Page 14

Internet of Things poses biggest threat to IT networks now Is Blockchain Causing More Cybersecurity Attacks in the Financial Industry? Is Medical Device Security Keeping You up at Night? IT Security Weekend Catch Up – April 21, 2018 Kremlin 'ups cyber campaign against Britain' Leo Microsoft Release Admin Tools To Simulate Cyberattacks Millions of Chrome Users Have Installed Malware Posing as Ad Blockers New ransomware forces you to play violent video game NIST Releases Version 1.1 of its Popular Cybersecurity Framework Not Only Botnets: Hacking Group in Brazil Targets IoT Devices With Malware NSA: Hackers Weaponize Known Vulnerabilities Within 24 Hours On the Road, Cybersecurity-Style Recent nation state cyberattacks: What they mean, and how to respond Report finds ‘insider threat’ from unsupervised and unvetted House IT aides greater than we thought RSA 2018: Looking to the Future of Cybersecurity Russia is hacking tens of thousands of British home computers to pave the way for a crippling cyber attack Russian hacking: Up to 400 Australian companies caught up in cyber attacks blamed on Moscow IoT Security: How to fight attacks on health, energy, and transport March 2018 Cyber Attacks Statistics Attacks Targeting Oil and Gas Sector Renew Questions About Cybersecurity Security Alert: GandCrab Ransomware Returns with New Waves of Spam Campaigns Security debt: Why you should pay attention Snooping TalkTalk Security Feature Causes Customer Concern UPDATE2 Speeding the Secure Cloud Adoption Process State of Cyber Resilience Index 2018 Talking To Your CISO About Cyber Security The Cybersecurity Journey – Always Changing, Always Growing The Tech Industry Pledge Against Cyberattacks Could Actually Help Keep Us Safe The White House warns that Russia is conducting a massive cyber attack Top 3 Misconceptions About the Deep Web & What CISOs need to Know Twitter bans ads from Russia-based cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab U.S., British governments warn businesses worldwide of Russian campaign to hack routers gulfnews.com www.circleid.com klasresearch.com badcyber.com www.itv.com leocybersecurity.com www.lifehacker.com.au motherboard.vice.com www.komando.com www.nist.gov blog.trendmicro.com www.pcmag.com www.newamerica.org blog.willis.com www.bizpacreview.com www.govtech.com www.mirror.co.uk www.abc.net.au internetofbusiness.com www.hackmageddon.com www.huntonprivacyblog.com heimdalsecurity.com searchcio.techtarget.com www.ispreview.co.uk blog.cloudsecurityalliance.org www.accenture.com symmetrycorp.com blogs.cisco.com futurism.com www.sciencealert.com www.cisoplatform.com www.cbsnews.com www.washingtonpost.com