El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 12 - Page 10

Automated Bots Growing Tool For Hackers Chris Vickery Discusses Data Leak of 48 Million Users by Private Intelligence Firm Cloud Credentials: New Attack Surface for Old Problem Cryptominer Malware Threats Overtake Ransomware, Report Warns Gold Galleon Hacking Group Plunders Shipping Industry Google Play Boots Three Malicious Apps From Marketplace Tied to APTs HackerOne CEO Talks Bug Bounty Programs at RSA Conference iOS Sync Glitch Lets Attackers Control Devices IoT Security Concerns Peaking – With No End In Sight Millions of Apps Leak Private User Data Via Leaky Ad SDKs Nate Cardozo, Attorney with EFF Talks Encryption at RSA Conference 2018 Cyber Security Agency Eskenzi PR wins a Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2018 Cybersecurity Experts Put Burden of Hacking Protection on Device Makers, Not Users Employees responsible for 35% of ICO data security incidents since 2015 Mining for Trouble: Cryptocurrency and Cyber Security New Accenture study finds 87 per cent of focused cyberattacks are prevented Please Do Not Feed the Phish RAT Gone Rogue: Meet ARS VBS Loader SANS Experts Share Five Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques Six Steps to Secure Cryptographic Keys TaskRabbit has been brought back to life – Security industry opinion The Flu and DDoS, From an Epidemic to a Solution With less than 50 days to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Researcher Billy Rios, Talks Medical Device Security at RSA Conference 2018 deadline, are you ready for the change? RSAC 2018: Tech Giants Form Cybersecurity Tech Accord Threatpost RSA Conference 2018 Preview Use of 'StegWare' Increases in Stealth Malware Attacks Thehackersnews Another Critical Flaw Found In Drupal Core—Patch Your Sites Immediately British Schoolboy Who Hacked CIA Director Gets 2-Year Prison Term CCleaner Attack Timeline—Here's How Hackers Inf ѕȸ́5A ) ɥѥUэI ܁͍͕19ݽɬMѽɅ٥) 剕ɍɥ́!Iѕȁ9LѼɥєɽ Qɽ)ÁѼ ե%́=ݸ ́ȁ!ɑ݅ɔ٥)܁1%ѽA՝1́QɐAMѕ́Mѕeȁф)!́ѥYձɅѼ%Ё ѽɕ5)Q %M<(̔=ɝͅѥ́х$ɹ͕́ѥ́ѼЁѡ)ɔѡɕ)剕Ʌх5ɽͽаѡȁѕɵ́ѼЁѼͥ)ٕɹ́剕Ʌх) 剕͕ɥQɐЁѕɵ́ͥ䁅ɐЁ剕)х)фɥم=ٕȀЁ͕́ԁѥ́ɔɔɹф)ɥم䁥)фAɽѕѥЁȁфم䰁مѥ)ɥم%P5ѕȁI٤MȁAɅͅ)хѕ!܁фɽѕѥյ́ɕѕȁͥѡ)݅ɥم䁅х)͕ѼЀĸԁ͕́Ёɕ܁T)ɥم䁱)ѕȁфɕٕȀ́A䁙չ)ɽɱɅɕ