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News0 EL DIARIO DEL CISO (THE CISO JOURNAL) Thinking and Working for a Digital Security Leader International InfoSec & Cybersecurity News Equifax Has Spent Nearly $1.4bn on Breach Costs - Infosecurity Magazine 49 Million Instagram Influencer Records Exposed in Open Database Equifax has incurred losses so far of over $1.35bn from a devastating 2017 breach which affected more than half of all Americans and millions of UK consumers, the firm revealed in its latest financials. An AWS-hosted database was configured with no username or password required for access to personal data. “Wormable” Bug Could Enable Another WannaCry Addressing and Solving 2019’s Top Cybersecurity Challenges Assange Hit with 18-Count Indictment Aussie Government IT Worker Arrested for Cryptomining Baltimore Won’t Pay Ransom, Systems Remain Down Chipmakers Cut Huawei Shipments Companies' Stock Value Dropped 7.5% after Data Breaches Critical Vulnerabilities in Cisco Products DDoS Attacks on the Rise After Long Period of Decline Download Hijack Flaw Patched in Slack for Windows Encryption is Often Poorly Deployed, if Deployed at All Europol and US Police Disrupt $100m Cybercrime Gang Ex-CIA Man Gets 20 Years for Handing China Secrets FCA: £27m Lost to Crypto Scams Last Year Fifth of Docker Containers Have No Root Passwords Firmware Vulnerability in Mitsubishi Electric Forbes Site Up, Then Down Again after Magecart Attack Fraud Attacks from Mobile Spiked 300% in Q1 GDPR: Security Pros Believe Non-Compliance is Rife Google Stored Plaintext Passwords Since 2005 Hacktivist Attacks Fall 95% Since 2015 Hospitals Failing on Security Hygiene IoT Attacks Cost UK Firms Over £1bn LeakedSource Company Pleads Guilty Lib Dems Come First in UK for Cybersecurity LinkedIn Admits a Delay in Renewing TLS Cert Malicious Attacks Cause of Most Aussie Breaches More Orgs Use Booby Traps for Counterintelligence Nine Charged in $2m SIM Swap Campaign Over 460,000 E-Retailer User Accounts Hacked Ransomware Not Gone but More Targeted, Report Says Rights Group Win Allows Courts to Scrutinize Spy Agencies ScarCruft APT Develops Malware to Target Bluetooth SMS Spammers Expose 80 Million Records Online Speculators Look to ID AVs Hacked by Russia TalkTalk Overlooked Nearly 5000 Customers with Breach Notification UK Fraud Complaints Surge 40% UK Invests £22m in Army Cyber Centers as Russian Threat Looms WannaCry Remains a Global Threat Two Years On Washington Issues Temporary License to Huawei WhatsApp Finds and Fixes Targeted Attack Bug 78% of Consumers Say Online Companies Must Protect ... 97% of Americans Can't Ace a Basic Security Test A Trustworthy Digital Foundation Is Essential to ... Attackers Are Messing with Encryption Traffic to ... Baltimore Ransomware Attack Takes Strange Twist Commercial Spyware Uses WhatsApp Flaw to Infect Phones Consumer IoT Devices Are Compromising Enterprise ... Cyber Workforce Exec Order: Right Question, Wrong ... Data Security: Think Beyond the Endpoint DDoS Attacks Up in Q1 After Months of Steady Decline Demystifying the Dark Web: What You Need to Know Exposed Elasticsearch Database Compromises Data on ... GDPR Drives Changes, but Privacy by Design Proves ... How a Manufacturing Firm Recovered from a ... How Open Testing Standards Can Improve Security How Security Vendors Can Address the Cybersecurity ... Incident Response: 3 Easy Traps & How to Avoid Them Introducing the Digital Transformation Architect Killer SecOps Skills: Soft Is the New Hard Korean APT Adds Rare Bluetooth Device-Harvester Tool LockerGoga, MegaCortex Ransomware Share Unlikely Traits Microsoft Patches Wormable Vuln in Windows 7, 2003, ... Missing in Action: Cybersecurity Professionals New Intel Vulnerabilities Bring Fresh CPU Attack ... Old Threats Are New Again Poorly Configured Server Exposes Most Panama ... Proving the Value of Security Awareness with ... Q1 2019 Smashes Record For Most Reported ... Researcher Publishes Four Zero-Day Exploits in ... Russian Nation-State Hacking Unit's Tools Get More ... Satan Ransomware Adds More Evil Tricks The 3 Cybersecurity Rules of Trust The Data Problem in Security To Narrow the Cyber Skills Gap with Attackers, Cut ... US Charges Members of GozNym Cybercrime Gang Website Attack Attempts Rose by 69% in 2018 When Older Windows Systems Won't Die CISOs Toughest Battle: Finding the Right Weapons to Fight the Last One Percent of Threats – Cyber Defense Magazine by Liviu Arsene, Global Cybersecurity Analyst, Bitdefender. In a fast-changing landscape where large cyber attacks make the news virtually every month, companies One year old, GDPR marks a number of successes and inspirations Since GDPR's passing, many American companies have had to take stock of how they collect, store and utilize the data they're pursuing. 4 dimensions of network monitoring that matter most for data security A strong data security defense always comes back to the basics Cyber Threat Competition helps train the next data guardians EU agrees on powers to sanction, freeze assets over cyber-attacks First comprehensive index of the Dark Web planned for 2020 release G-7 authorities to war game cyber attack on bank for first time Global hackers are thwarted by FBI, Europe in $100M heist New software Framework intended to define, advance security features WhatsApp urges users to update after spyware hacking report Your next move: Vulnerability analyst A joint operation by international police dismantled GozNym gang Cloud Direct Connects: The Best Bet for Cyber Security Cyber-attacks thrive the market for Managed Security Services Data Security in the Digital Era Don’t Leave Vulnerability Management to Chance How We Can Secure The Energy Grid and the Smart Home Of The Future IMPORTANCE OF “The General Data Protection Regulation” in Cyber Security World Key Considerations for Identity Governance in the Cloud Mobile Apps Loaded with Holes Like Swiss Cheese On the Clock Safer Internet Day 2018: Where You’re Falling Short on Your Online Ad Campaigns Security Remains Top Concern for IBM AIX Community Some of the world’s biggest crimes go unnoticed, until it’s too late Synthetic identity fraud and social engineering are growing concerns and on the rise The Privileged Account Security and the Internet of Things The Seven Stages of GDPR Compliance