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News1 EL DIARIO DEL CISO (THE CISO JOURNAL) Thinking and Working for a Digital Security Leader bitcoin: Hackers steal $41 million worth of bitcoin from Binance cryptocurrency exchange, IT Security News, ET CISO - ciso.economictimes.indiatimes.com U.S. Charges Chinese Hackers Over Massive 2015 Anthem Breach | SecurityWeek.Com HONG KONG - Hackers stole bitcoin worth $41 million from Binance, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, the company said on Wednesday hacking group operating in China” in connection with 50,000 companies at risk of SAP systems hack: Report Another Cooperative bank’s server hacked, Rs 68 lakh siphoned off Binance hackers shift stolen bitcoin, identity still unclear: researchers Challenges in securing modern applications: View CIOs can stay ahead of cyber threats with these practices Cryptocurrency thefts, fraud hit $1.2 billion in first quarter : Report cyber crime: Forgers are forcing a $9 trillion business into the digital age G7 countries to simulate cross-border cyber attack next month: France German police shut down major 'darknet' illegal trading site Here’s how this startup is working towards securing more than 5.5 Billion digital identities How Chinese spies got NSA’s hacking tools, and used them for attacks It's time to break up Facebook, says co-founder Chris Hughes Norsk Hydro expects cyber attack costs of nearly $52 mln in Q1 payments: Importance of localising data in payments ecosystem Privacy is no 'luxury good', says Sundar Pichai Telangana power utilities websites hit by ransomware restored The worst data breaches and hacks in the ASEAN region Two Israelis arrested in global 'dark' Internet probe The U.S. Justice Department on Thursday announced charges against members of an “extremely sophisticated the massive 2015 data breach that impacted health insurer Anthem An Ode to CISOs: How Real-World Risks Became Cyber Threats Chinese Hackers Used NSA Tool a Year Before Shadow Brokers Leak Facebook Sues South Korea Data Analytics Firm GandCrab Ransomware Detected Targeting Manufacturing Firm Hackers Steal $40 Million in Bitcoin From Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance Hard-Coded Credentials Found in Alpine Linux Docker Images How Crossword Puzzles Can Improve Your Information Security Posture Information Services Giant Wolters Kluwer Hit by Malware Attack IT Specialist Convicted on Cyber Hacking Charges Sentenced Nigerian Cybercrime 'Group' Has 400 Malicious Actors Orange Acquires Cybersecurity Firm SecureLink Over 100 Flaws Expose Buildings to Hacker Attacks Phar Vulnerabilities Patched in Drupal, TYPO3 Russian Hackers Claim Breach of Three U.S. Anti-Virus Companies The Need for Tiered Security at the Edge Turla Uses Sophisticated Backdoor to Hijack Exchange Mail Servers UK Publishes Proposed Regulation for IoT Device Security Researchers: Spies Exploit Microsoft Exchange Backdoor Does it matter who the CISO reports to? | CSO Online A sophisticated nation-state spy network has quietly exploited a backdoor in Microsoft Exchange servers that gave attackers unprecedented access to the email Reporting relationships are more than lines on an org chart, they're lines of authority. Ultimately, Advancing Security Operations With Managed Detection and Response Citrix Hackers Camped in Tech Giant's Network for 6 Months Crime Gang Advertises Stolen 'Anti-Virus Source Code' Darknet Disruption: 'Wall Street Market' Closed for Business DHS: Federal Agencies Need to Patch Vulnerabilities Faster Docker Hub Breach: It’s Not the Numbers; It’s the Reach Hackers Steal $41 Million Worth of Bitcoins From Binance JavaScript Sniffer Attacks: More Online Stores Targeted Key Trends in Payments Intelligence - Machine Learning for Fraud Prevention Malware Knocks Out Accounting Software Giant Wolters Kluwer New Skimmer Attack Steals Data From Over 100 E-Commerce Sites Russian Charged in $1.5 Million Cyber Tax Fraud Scheme SAP’s NetWeaver: New Exploits for Misconfigurations Ukrainian National Charged in Malvertising, Botnet Scheme Why Companies are Replacing AV with Advanced Endpoint Protection WikiLeaks’ Assange Signals He'll Fight Extradition to US Comment: Amazon Hit By Extensive Fraud With Hackers Siphoning Merchant Funds | Information Security Buzz Bloomberg reported yesterday that Amazon.com Inc has been reportedly hit by an “extensive” fraud, revealing that unidentified hackers were able to siphon funds from merchant accounts over six months last year. Access Control — Why Fingerprints Are Better Than Keys Evolving Mobile Device Management Strategies Executive Order On America's Cybersecurity Workforce Experts Comments: Verizon DBIR Facebook Users Being Targeted By "Baby Sussex Scams" Freedom Mobile Data Leak Hackers Breached 3 US Antivirus Providers Microsoft Is Killing Off Passwords In Its Software And Services Microsoft New Privacy Focused Features Samsung Spilled SmartThings App Source Code And Secret Keys Special Events At Infosec Europe 2019 Will Support, Educate And Nurture Security Professionals And Startups 12 tips for effectively presenting cybersecurity to the board 9 types of malware and how to recognize them Assume breach is for losers: These steps will stop data breaches How Akamai implemented a zero-trust model Is the cybersecurity skills shortage getting worse? Key Findings on the State of Operational Technology and Cybersecurity Lock Down Wired Threats with ClearPass Networking and Security: Put It All Together New Intel firmware boot verification bypass enables low-level backdoors North Dakota: An innovative and leading cybersecurity state Public SAP exploits could enable attacks against thousands of companies The Problem with Too Many Security Options What is opsec? A process for protecting critical information What is phishing? How this cyber attack works and how to prevent it Why local governments are a hot target for cyberattacks North Korean Hackers Using ELECTRICFISH Tunnels to Exfiltrate Data - thehackernews.com The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FBI have issued another joint alert about a new piece of malware that the prolific North Korean APT hacking group Hidden Cobra Baltimore City Shuts Down Most of Its Servers After Ransomware Attack Binance Hacked — Hackers Stole Over $40 Million Worth Of Bitcoin Chinese Hackers Used NSA Hacking Tools Before Shadow Brokers Leaked Them Microsoft Windows 10 will get a full built-in Linux Kernel for WSL 2 Ongoing Attack Stealing Credit Cards From Over A Hundred Shopping Sites U.S. Charges 9 'SIM Swapping' Attackers For Stealing $2.5 Million Unpatched Flaw in UC Browser Apps Could Let Hackers Launch Phishing Attacks Europol Shuts Down Two Major Illegal 'Dark Web' Trading Platforms