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Thou2 EL DIARIO DEL CISO (THE CISO JOURNAL) Thinking and Working for a Digital Security Leader Thoughts of LSD Strategic ability of a Digital Security Leader (#DSL, #DigitalSecLeader) Andrés Ricardo Almanza Junco Know what you are looking for success, and how it is exactly. It is necessary that there is an alignment of this particular issue when it comes to digital security strategies it is necessary that what the #LSD sees is something similar to what everyone else sees, otherwise very likely what is considered a result Successful may only be for one of the parties in question. Therefore it is the duty of the # LSD to continually investigate and validate that what is desired to achieve is so clear in the heads of all interested parties. Understand, understand and understand. The # LSD must be clear about what it is trying to solve, what is the true need of the organization and connect it to the strategy, in other words, the strategy must solve the crucial challenge. It is necessary that the challenge to be resolved is understood as well as all its parts and in the same line to be able to define the relative importance of each part with the global challenge, prioritizing is part of understanding and this allows to attend in the best way the challenge, additional It is also key to understand for whom the problem is relevant, not only to know what it is, what its components are, but also the # LSD must know who or whom it affects. With this in mind the ecosystem of the challenge is better understood, in this it is key to understand who or those who have tried to solve the challenge?, what did they do ?, what was useful that can be used ?, what definitely was not? , To those who do not take into account the solution (s)? What are the opportunities and possibilities to solve the challenge ? Finally, in this great task the # LSD must face the challenge of the capacities, to know which are the best capacities that can be put at the service of this problem and which are not, to identify the strengths that are required to face the challenge and who or who They can contribute to this, and above all, what are the weaknesses. Prioritizing. The # LSD like many leaders can fight with this work, since the science in many neuroscientific studies has shown that it is difficult to say "NO", however in many scenarios it is common to state that the digital security professional he is known as the doctor "NO" in what has to do with the implementation of actions. Prioritize goes in favor of time, the use of energy and attention which are indispensable when acting. Therefore, being able to clearly define what is first and what is next will be key to achieving the results that are sought and possibly getting better. Its cave at this point as Julie notes Zhuo , it is necessary to ask what are one, two or three key actions that must be done, and how to ensure that you are as expected? The prioritization that a #LSD will make will be key since this is a guarantee that its security program is at a level beyond what is expected or what it must fulfill and therefore deliver more value to the organization. Having the strategic capabilities as part of the new capabilities of digital security leaders # LSD, are tools that should help in the development of the security function. The key is not to be perfect in having these capacities; it is rather to be able to continually make them grow, to continually be facing all the challenges. Continuously face up to the challenges and dedicate the resources you consider to face the great challenges that digital security demands today. Up to this point it would be worthwhile for our #LSD to ask: Questions What does the #LSD consider strategic capabilities? Are you being a security strategist? What can you unlearn in relation to strategic thinking? What can you relearn in relation to strategic thinking? What can you keep from today to increase your strategic capabilities? Reflections You want to talk about this topic. Write us with pleasure we chatted. coné[email protected] References Ideas adapted from the article How to Become a Strategic Leaderr Julie Zhuo. Consultado el 6 de mayo de 2019 Ideas adapted from the article A Structured Approach to Strategic Decisionsr Daniel Kahneman, Dan Lovallo, and Olivier Sibony. Consultado el 6 de mayo de 2019 Ideas adapted from the article Don’t be a “leader”r Eric J. McNulty . Consultado el 6 de mayo de 2019