El Diario del CISO El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 9 | Page 4

Thoughts EL DIARIO DEL CISO (THE CISO JOURNAL) Thinking and Working for a Digital Security Leader Thoughts Thoughts of LSD Strategic ability of a Digital Security Leader (#DSL, #DigitalSecLeader) Andrés Ricardo Almanza Junco In today's digitally modified reality, it is particularly a capacity that all professionals related to digital contexts must develop, since the complexity of the digital context means that there are important pressures and that they affect the development of the dynamics of the organization and the provision of their services. For an # LSD it is necessary that this capacity exists and develops continuously, without it there will not be in a reality like the present the possibility of attending as a priority to the needs of the organization. According to Richard Rumel , he describes a good strategy as "a set of actions that are credible , coherent and that focus on overcoming a challenge according to its importance to achieve a particular objective." In this sense and applying this to the life of a # LSD must have several elements clear. objective Description What is intended to be achieved Actions Set of steps, or actions to achieve the objective Credibility and Consistency That its elements do not come into conflict, that How can this plan be verified? this is under scrutiny Who else is connected and contribute in the proposed plan? What would happen if its elements conflict? The The strategy must meet the greatest challenges. prioritization of the challenge Guiding questions How does the success for the #LSD look against the proposed challenge? Is a specific plan defined to achieve the proposed objective? What or what are the problems in general terms that are considered to attend? How have you prioritized the challenges you want to address with this strategy? What are the key and necessary resources to face these challenges? They exist according to Julie Zhuo , three key elements in the search to be more strategic and thus improve leadership. [email protected]