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News2 EL DIARIO DEL CISO (THE CISO JOURNAL) Thinking and Working for a Digital Security Leader Healthcareinfosecurity Email Server Migration Incident Impacts 277,000 Managing Security Stack Sprawl Mental Healthcare Providers Respond to Ransomware Attacks 'Operation ShadowHammer' Shows Weakness of Supply Chains Oregon Agency Reports Phishing Attack Affecting 350,000 Report: Half of Breaches Trace to Hacking, Malware Attacks The Art and Science of Cybersecurity Research Unsecure Fax Server Leaked Patient Data Warnings Issued About Medtronic Cardiac Devices Securitynow 5 Years of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework Cyber Attacks Grow by 55% in 2018 & Data Theft Dominates Evidence Found of Malware Families Collaborating Facebook Exposes Millions of Unencrypted User Passwords FIN7 Resurfaces With New Malware Techniques Is Your Supply Chain the Weakest Link? Norsk Hydro: This Is How You React to a Ransomware Breach Study Shows Massive Attacks Bypassing MFA Welivesecurity Facebook exposed millions of user passwords to employees Fake or Fake: Keeping up with OceanLotus decoys Global police arrest dozens of people in dark web sting I didn’t see what you did, redux I Still Didn’t See What You Did Two white hats hack a Tesla, get to keep it You should pick your Android security app wisely, test shows Securereading Facebook Stored Passwords of Hundreds of Millions of Users in Plaintext Fourth Batch Consisting of 27 Million Stolen Records put for Sale on Dark Web Hidden UC Browser Feature Exposes Millions of Users to MITM Attacks New Andriod Trojan Gustuff Targets Banking Apps and Cryptocurrency Services Threat Actors Discovered Leveraging IMAP to Bypass Multi-Factor Authentication Cyberdefensemagazine Inadequate Cyber security Hurts Where it Counts the Most South Korea – 1,600 guests at 30 motels secretly live streamed Thomas Edison: An Inspiration for Cybersecurity Inventions Why Smartphone Security Should Grow Beyond Biometrics Dataprivacysecurityinsider LockerGoga Ransomware Hits Manufacturer and Chemical Companies Orange County, NC Hit with Ransomware Attack Password Fatigue Spear Phishing Scheme Dupes Nine Staff Members at Oregon DHS Compromising PHI of 350,000 in Over 2M Emails Databreachtoday FEMA Exposed 2.3 Million Disaster Victims' Private Data North Carolina County Suffers Repeat Ransomware Infections Ransomware Attack Costs Norsk Hydro $40 Million - So Far Trendmicro Cybersecurity Skills Gap and Legislature Radio Frequency Technology and Telecom Crimes What Hacker History Can Tell Enterprises About Future Attack Strategy Inforisktoday LockerGoga Ransomware Suspected in Two More Attacks Steve Katz on Cybersecurity’s State of the Union Securityboulevar 3 Common Myths and Misconceptions Around Security and Connectivity Can Victims of Phishing Scams Be Fired for Falling Prey? How Workload Protection is Transforming Cybersecurity for the Hybrid Cloud Implanted Medical Devices Can Be Hacked Wirelessly, Warns U.S. Gov't Insider Threats: A Big Fear for Small Businesses Is Security the Price of Convenience in Supply Chain Payments? Microsoft Hurts Charming Kitten (aka the APT35 Iran Hacking Group) Survey Surfaces Range of Cybersecurity Disconnects You Need To Know How Cybersecurity Affects Mergers and Acquisitions Techrepublic 10 tech jobs with the largest gender pay gap 5 IT security roles businesses are most desperate to fill Data protection: Top 3 business challenges Is crowdsourcing cybersecurity the answer to CISOs' problems? No luck hiring a data scientist? Write a better job description Why 91% of IT and security pros fear insider threats Why digital transformation could open you up to a DDoS attack Zdnet Cybersecurity: Don’t let the small stuff cause you big problems Dutch hacker who DDoSed the BBC and Yahoo News gets no jail time Hackers abuse Magento PayPal integration to test validity of stolen credit cards Norsk Hydro ransomware incident losses reach $40 million after one week These are the top ten security vulnerabilities most exploited by hackers Toyota announces second security breach in the last five weeks Threatpost ASUS Patches Live Update Bug That Allowed APT to Infect Thousands of PCs Magento Patches Critical SQL Injection and RCE Vulnerabilities Medical Weed Dispensary Exposes Health Data for Thousands Ransomware Behind Norsk Hydro Attack Takes On Wiper-Like Capabilities Spycams Secretly Live-Streamed 1,600 Motel Guests Lawjournalnewsletter FINRA Report on Best Cybersecurity Practices Is Must-Read, Alston & Bird Lawyer Says Is Cyber-Risk Insurable? The Brave New World of Cybersecurity Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions: Pitfalls and Opportunities The Principles of Good Cyber Risk Management Tripwire LockerGoga Ransomware Hits Manufacturer and Chemical Companies Orange County, NC Hit with Ransomware Attack Password Fatigue Spear Phishing Scheme Dupes Nine Staff Members at Oregon DHS Compromising PHI of 350,000 in Over 2M Emails Solutionreview Ransomware, Cryptojacking, and Fileless Malware: The Big Three Threats Snappy Answers to 6 Major Cybersecurity Questions What is Zero Trust Identity Security? How Can You Implement It? Govinfosecurity Australia's Crypto-Cracking Law Is Spooking Big Tech NSA Pitches Free Reverse-Engineering Tool Called Ghidra Esecurityplanet Effective IT Security Awareness Training for Employees Serverless Cloud Security: How to Secure Serverless Computing www.cisos.club [email protected]