El Diario del CISO El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 7 - Page 5

Thou2 EL DIARIO DEL CISO (THE CISO JOURNAL) Thinking and Working for a Digital Security Leader Thoughts of LSD Mindset of a Digital Security Leader (#DSL/ #DigitalSecLeader) Andrés Ricardo Almanza Junco 1. Integrity. Integrity only happens inside, so a # LSD must develop a consistent, solid and coherent integrity. Integrity is about small things, not determined by circumstances; it is not based on titles, knowledge or credentials. Likewise it cannot be said that integrity and reputation are the same. Develop integrity, build trust; developing confidence produces influence. 2. Approach. It is necessary that the # LSD approaches people and not vice versa; approaching people and the organization that serves has to do not with what I can offer from my knowledge but as what I know serves the organization that I serve. In this sense, nature is to take care of those who serve #LSD, so #LSD must deliver everything, treat everyone with respect, acknowledge that the organization has needs and I can supply them and not the other way around. 3. Accompaniment. A # LSD should look for the strengths of the organization and work on them, and those that were not so to deal with them. Build on your successes and take on your failures. Help overcome the falls and not avoid their responsibilities. Aco m pany means assuming that is inside and not outside the organization it serves. 4. Hear. Listening is key in the function of a #LSD. When listen respects, builds links and connections, increases knowledge, generates ideas and flourishes creativity, produces loyalty. With listening, he finds that the solutions can go beyond the formally established parameters. 5. Understand the need A #LSD must understand the need of people and build information protection initiatives based on it; Many security initiatives fail because the needs of the people are not taken into account. Understanding means in the life of a #LSD to negotiate, find common points that are useful; understanding means giving value to those who serve. Understanding means seeing the perspective of others. 6. Developing. An #LSD must understand that in order to develop its influence it must develop and serve the people who ultimately make the organization. Development means selling the benefits of what is considered in everyday life, usability and benefit. 7. Orient and Guide. A #LSD should ensure accompany, guide, direct and guide the organization toward a path that together are building and cocreating. A #LSD does not work alone, it requires many not only from your closest team. The # LSD must know the destination, trace the course, anticipate challenges, reorient and make corrections, attend recommendations during the journey, is with people and does not shirk their responsibility in a trip. 8. Connection. It is vital and fundamental that the # LSD believes "connection ", this involves link, not just a superfluous relationship, not on the contrary requires an extra effort and demand for sacrifices. Connecting with others elevates everyone to a higher level allowing everyone to grow. Connecting involves appreciating everyone and respecting differences, maintaining a different mentality beyond the control postures; connect involves being the initiator of the connection, look for links and common points. Connecting means communicating clearly, directly and transparently; It involves sharing the experience and so once they are connected you can move forward in achieving the goal. 9. Empower A # LSD must strive to build on other capacities with which they can contribute in the vision to be built. Therefore, it must evaluate, serve as a model, transfer to others, show confidence and provide feedback. All this used allows your initiatives to be replicated in the organization you serve. 10. Reproduction. A #LSD should strive to develop more people who are committed to the vision, not just vision followers. So the # LSD must lead well in the first place, seek to promote others and put the team first, with this the value of multiplying will be guaranteed and likewise its increase in influence that will be transformed in the implementation of all its plans and actions. In this way a #LSD can develop its power of influence, they can increase their capacities and therefore have impacts that help them to build realities more consistent with the construction of digitally reliable environments. The # LSD that uses the power of its influence not only advances but also makes its organization advance, not only to comply, but to mature, not only to react but to anticipate and thereby find better value to offer to interested parties . Being an # LSD of influence is not only being a professional of another level, but it makes your organization reach another level. At this point it is good for the reflection processes of the readers to leave these questions for their considerations. What do you understand by influence? What do you think is the way you exercise it? What are the myths or predefined conceptions that you have in relation to the influence? What do you think you can keep using your power of influence? What do you think you should leave or change in your thoughts and behaviors now so that your power of influence is transformed? What do you think you can use again or include in your routine today so that your influence capacity increase? You want to talk about this topic. 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