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Thoughts Thoughts EL DIARIO DEL CISO (THE CISO JOURNAL) Thinking and Working for a Digital Security Leader Thoughts of LSD The power of Influence of a #DSL #DigitalSecLeader Andrés Ricardo Almanza Junco We are now more than ever seeing a digitally modified reality that has changed the way we see the world. Increasingly life in digital context is transforming personal, family and organizational environments and that is an inescapable reality. Particularly in the last organizational scenario, more and more companies want to have a greater digital presence and this is clearly reinforced by the confidence they can offer in an environment such as cyberspace and therefore will require deep efforts to build those digital links that transmit confidence to all interested parties. To speak of influence is to speak of many things. Begin by saying that influence is a power, ability and / or ability that each individual has and can develop is the first thing that can be said about the influence. The influence in words of John Maxwell is related to the ability to make the leaders follow the leader. In other words, the influence is the key instrument of Leadership according to the same author, "Leadership is influence nothing more and nothing less". Influence as a capacity allows people to follow a Leader and they can be led; In general terms, the influence is not trying to attract people to the leader; On the contrary, it is about the leader looking for the right mechanisms to approach those he leads. It is about finding a common ground where both parties can converse, co-create, ask questions, share, learn, unlearn and relearn together. Therefore the influence has nothing to do with who leads but who leads, it is the others who want to achieve, who can be added value and serve. In this sense, an # LSD must and is imperative to develop this new capacity that fortunately all human beings have. The influence as an instrument not only to represent their leadership in the organization, but as a fundamental engine to create and build bonds of trust in key aspects for the organization in terms of the services it provides. It is imperative today more than ever that the # LSD uses influence as a tool that allows it to connect with the members of the organization and thus build ties that allow its plans, actions, purposes, ideas and goals to crystallize. It is necessary to remember that the terrain of the actions of a #DigitalSecLeader goes through people. So we can say that the triumphs of a #LSD will be given to the extent that it influences many people to get their actions implemented. In the life of a #LSD, the power of influence is driven by its experience, ability, credibility and commitment, although the position is important, it is not a fundamental piece like the previous ones. Using influence in the life of a #LSD clearly brings significant benefits, among them. The greater the connection, the greater the remembrance, the greater the commitment. Remember that influencing has to do with finding points where you can grow together. So things the first benefit in doing so is that you will find these tool followers who adhere to a proposal. Using influence makes their relationships more extensive and therefore more scope to be able to transmit their intentions. Using influence contributes to the growth of people and organizations, being a driver of influence helps others to grow when it is applied in the right way. Influence increases confidence and strengthens credibility who uses influence appropriately makes others believe not because they have any power in a pyramid, but because it makes people believe in the idea they are trying to implement. Using influence shows that there is a way to act and thus relates to the interior of the organization that the intention is not only to apply knowledge but to serve those around it. The point at this moment will be to ask how to do it; how to develop that competence. The first thing that must be said is that this is a process that takes time and that for this to happen it is necessary for the #LSD to understand and take the decision to go the way. Second the influence is not spread equally, it is talking about human dimensions so the influence is different with each person. Some key elements that are considered to develop influence. [email protected]