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Influencers EL DIARIO DEL CISO (THE CISO JOURNAL) Thinking and Working for a Digital Security Leader INFLUENCERS Breaking into InfoSec: A beginners guide to all things Cyber Security "So you wanna be an "Infosec Rockstar"? And live large. Find zero days and drive fast cars?" Sorry, but thats not going to happen here. Common question: What cert(s) should I get? I recently had a discussion around certifications with one of the people I'm mentoring, and thought it might be worth summarizing here. Gustuff banking trojan was just discovered and it likely targets your bank On March 28th, Group-IB reported a newly discovered banking trojan called Gustuff. Well, “newly discovered” is subjective. How much Job Experience do I need? I have been in IT for over 15 years working as a desktop analyst. I have a BS in Computer Information Technology. I am a CISO! I don’t need board room access just for the heck of it! The CEO of a company is damn happy that they just finished the process of taking over a well known company. Plaintext passwords and Facebook... Why am I not surprised? How many times can I **headdesk** before I leave a forehead shaped imprint in my office desk? Earlier this week, MySpace announced that they had lost all of the music files uploaded to the platform up until about 2015 Security for All Sizes: Which Antivirus Is Best? I remember the first time I saw an AI antivirus program. I was amazed, impressed, and sure that it would be something we'd want to use back at my day job Why you really need trust and influence in cybersecurity 'Will you walk into my parlour?” said the Spider to the Fly, 'Tis the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy; Multimedia Resources (Podcast and Interviews) Highlights from RSA Conference 2019 USA | RSA Conference The Dark Side of Cybersecurity: Burnout Raising the Corporate Security Understanding Inside the Cybercrime Support Network Addressing the Critical Need for Cybersecurity Skills Training FBI's Palmore on Leadership and Diversity Sophos Cyber Threat Report: A Proactive Approach To Stop Lateral Movement Attacks Defense in Depth: CISO Burnout If At First You Don't Succeed, There's Always Blackmail Defense in Depth: Tools for Managing 3rd Party Risk 5 Ways Cybercriminals Can Access Your Emails Without Phishing Analyzing the $7.5 Million UCLA Health Data Breach Settlement The Need to Focus on Detection, Remediation Week in security with Tony Anscombe | WeLiveSecurity Inside Netscout's Threat Report Enterprise Security in the Era of Digital Transformation Why Simpler is Better for CISOs GDPR: Data Breach Notification 101 The Future of Cybersecurity Education - Part 1 The Future of Cybersecurity Education - Part 2 Securing the Hyper-Connected Enterprise "Hijacked motel rooms, ASUS PCs, and leaky apps" Silk Road with Deliveroo 30 Security Vendor Behaviors That Set Off a CISO’s BS Detector When Abusing Our Privacy, Does Size Matter? Is US Foreign Cyber Policy on Track? ESG Data Point of the Week