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News2.1 EL DIARIO DEL CISO (THE CISO JOURNAL) Thinking and Working for a Digital Security Leader Bitdefender Cbroline Aluminium plants hit by cyber-attack, global company turns to manual operations Popular family tracking app exposed real-time location data onto the internet – no password required Top 5 Cybersecurity Courses and Certifications, from Simplilearn Ursnif Malware Changing C2 Infrastructure Every 12 Hours Cybertalk Fortinet Blueprints for tracing cybercrime might involve paw prints Thinking outside-of-the-box with hackathons Getting in Front of Cyber Risk: An Interview with Fortinet’s CISO Phil Quade The Security Challenge of Cloud Sprawl Thecisocollective Securityroundtable 3 Key Things a CISO Needs to Ensure Their CEO Know About Cybersecurity Geopolitical Attacks Are a Concern for 75% of CEOs 2018-2019 Marks a Turning Point in Data Privacy Policy Remember That IoT Is Physical—Not Cyber Other Niews 3 Key Things a CISO Needs to Ensure Their CEO Know About Cybersecurity 6 Lessons Learned From The Citrix Breach 6 Predictions for the Future of Consumer Cyber Security 9 ways to address the IT retirement boom A Busy IT Infrastructure Can Lead to Security Disaster An effective IT leader is a connected leader bellingcat - Locating The Netherlands' Most Wanted Criminal By Scrutinising Instagram Command & Control: Silenttrinity Post-Exploitation Agent Cyber attack on Dubai school network, parents warned Cyber Risks and High-frequency Trading: Conversation with an Insider Cybersecurity for healthcare more critical than ever before Data Ethics – What Would You Do? Step Up or Step Away Devicemaker Zoll data breach exposes 277K patients' data Encryption is the new favorite tool of cybercriminals Future of Risk in the Digital Era Geopolitical Attacks Are a Concern for 75% of CEOs Google and Facebook scammed out of $123M by man posing as hardware vendor Hackers used Scanbox framework to hack Pakistani Govt’s passport application tracking siteSecurity Affairs Here's how cybersecurity vendors drive the 'hacking' news cycle How Lockergoga took down Hydro — ransomware used in targeted attacks aimed at big business Hydro working hard to recover following ransomware attack Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) Is a lack of cyber due diligence putting your deal at risk? IT security budgets are falling Malware Attack on Asus Computers Raises Concerns Monday review – the hot 29 stories of the week NACD BoardTalk North Korea-backed hackers intensify information warfare, financial theft OIG: NASA’s Poor Cybersecurity is Operational Threat Oregon state agency suffers data breach, potentially exposing personal information Plugging the cybersecurity skills gap with security automation Postcards from the Post-HTTP World Pragmatic Blog: Denis Rechkunov – Paranoid Habits. Security Tips Ransomware Forces Two Chemical Companies to Order ‘Hundreds of New Computers’ Ransomware, Cryptojacking, and Fileless Malware: The Big Three Threats Skills that you require to pursue a career in cybersecurity Snappy Answers to 6 Major Cybersecurity Questions Special Report: K-12 Cybersecurity: Big Threats and Best Practices Talos Blog The Effective CISO Needs More Than a Control Framework The odd case of a Gh0stRAT variant Time to Repeal Law Shielding Posting Inappropriate Content Online Twitter as an information battlefield – Venezuela; a case study U.S. Warns of N.Korean Cyber Warfare UN Security Council panel finds Cosmos Bank cyber attack motivated by N Korea Venezuelan Pro-Regime Accounts Publish Personal Data of Phishing Victims Virus attacks Spain's defense intranet, foreign state suspected: paper Virus Shuts Down North Carolina County's Computer Network Want a career in Cybersecurity? Ask yourself these questions to know for sure Weekly Security News from Avast: Week of 2019-03-22 What is Zero Trust Identity Security? How Can You Implement It? When Is a Data Breach a Data Breach? Why Organizations Need an RBAC Security Model Women and Nonbinary People in Information Security: Magda Chelly Yahoo is now part of Oath Your Out-of-the-Box Security Awareness Training Program Won’t Work—and Here’s Why