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News2.1 EL DIARIO DEL CISO (THE CISO JOURNAL) Thinking and Working for a Digital Security Leader Cyberdefensemagazine ITgovernance Are the C-suite and security teams on the same page? Changing the Economics of Responding to Cyber Attacks in the Healthcare Sector Cross-site Scripting Is an Underrated Vulnerability How to stand be Workforce Ready and Standout with Cyber security Hiring Managers Shattered! Security in a Fragmented World of Workloads Average cost of cyber crime is now $13 million Do you have a data breach response plan? Infographic: List of data breaches in 2018 What are the best books on data privacy? What is the Data Protection Act 2018? Techrepublic Dataprivacysecurityinsider 3 things you need in a cybersecurity awareness training plan How companies can diversify their cybersecurity teams Quantum computing: The biggest cybersecurity threats Top 3 reasons cybersecurity pros are changing jobs What to include in an enterprise cybersecurity plan Data Privacy and Security Contractual Provisions Financial Industry Getting Hammered with Cyber-Attacks Jackson County, Georgia Pays Hackers $400,000 After Ransomware Attack Misconfigured Box Accounts Can Expose Data Other News Head of Security Architecture discusses the Cyber Security Report 2019 ‘Password spraying’ behind Citrix cyber attack ‘Ransomware’ attack on Lucknow’s 5-star hotel, cyber-cell grapples for clues 2019 Technology Spending Intentions 5 Key Skills Every Incoming CISO Should Have A CISO is an innovation catalyst within the organization A Cybersecurity Drought Is Coming A Look Back at the 2018 Security Landscape A new rash of highly covert card-skimming malware infects ecommerce sites A Pesticide-Free Podcast Made with 'All Natural' Intelligence A predatory tale: Who’s afraid of the thief? Advanced phishing tactics reel in a massive catch Analysis of Ransomware Epidemic In February 2019 Are Your Employees Really Engaging With Security Awareness Training? Back to Basics with Cloud Security Beauty Out of Chaos: Elevating Cybersecurity to an Art Form Breach of 'Verifications.io' Exposes 763 Million Records CISO Confidential: How to Secure a Publicly Traded Company CISOs on the Board and 5 Actions They Should Take Citrix admits attackers breached its network – what we know Citrix Hacked - Terabyte of Sensitive data Stolen by Iranian Hackers Citrix hackers may have stolen six terabytes worth of files Citrix security breach sees 6TB of sensitive data stolen Collaborative Work Management Platform Wrike Bolsters Security Offering. Creepy Database Lists 'BreedReady' Status for 1.8 Million Women Cyber attacks could help trigger a war, says Marise Payne Cyber expert explains the risks of smart devices Cyber in the 2020 budget -- FCW Cyber security: time to get serious? – Alan Calder on IT Governance, Cyber Resilience, ISO 27001 and Brexit Cybersecurity Career Q&A with CIS’ CISO Cybersecurity Hygiene: Not a Dirty Little Secret for Long Cybersecurity Insurance Not Paying for NotPetya Losses Cybersecurity Is Putting Customer Trust at the Center of Competition Cybersecurity risk in retail and how to handle it Cybersecurity should be a source of hope, not fear. Here are 5 reasons why Dark Web Marketplace Offering Major Ad Platform Login Data Loss Detection DevSecOps: How to Build Security into Apps DHS to focus on cybersecurity basics ahead of 2020 election, cyber head says Diversity Matters – The Case for Inclusivity in Cybersecurity Energy's cyber office gets a boost EU to pool and network its cybersecurity expertise Fake DHL Urgent Delivery notice delivers Gandcrab 5.2 ransomware FBI director calls for public-private cybersecurity partnerships February 2019’s most wanted malware: Coinhive quits while still at the top Feedspot GCSE coursework lost in cyber attack on Bridport school Georgia County Pays $400,000 to Ransomware Attackers Georgia paid half a million dollars to hackers after ransomware attack Google: Phishing Attacks That Can Beat Two-Factor Are on the Rise Hackable car alarms leave three million cars at risk of hijack Hackers cop a FILA thousands of UK card deets after slinking onto clothing brand's servers • The Register Hackers Easily Can Reach Education Data Breach Health Data Hacking Incident Affects 400,000 Healthcare CISOs Must Understand Source of Threats to Combat Cyber Attacks How Blockchain Can Improve InfoSec How Often Should Employees Go Through Security Awareness Training? How to Create a Small Business Cybersecurity Strategy IBM Report Details Shifting Cybersecurity Threat Landscape Incident Notification Requirements in the EU's NIS Directive Information Security Staffing Guide Inside the Emotet Banking Trojan and Malware Distributor Intel Fixes High Severity Vulnerabilities in Graphics Driver for Windows International Women’s Day: Supporting gender diversity in cybersecurity, putting the skills gap into the history books Investment Adviser’s View of Cybersecurity Market Iranian hackers stole terabytes of data from software giant Citrix Japan spearheads pan-Asia alliance to tackle cybersecurity Latest Pakistan bank-card fraud looks like an actual breach, researchers say - CyberScoop Lose Battles, But Win the War: Devising a Grand Strategy for Security Man arrested for selling one million Netflix, Spotify, Hulu passwords Mental Healthcare Providers Respond to Ransomware Attacks ML and AI in cyber security: real opportunities overshadowed by hype Monday review – the hot 21 stories of the week Monday review – the hot 25 stories of the week More than Half of RSA Attendees to Increase Mobile Cybersecurity Investment NASA's crap infosec could be 'significant threat' to space ops • The Register Nasty WinRAR bug is being actively exploited to install hard-to-detect malware Nation-state threats grow more sophisticated, converge on targets Navy, Industry Partners Are ‘Under Cyber Siege’ by Chinese Hackers, Review Asserts New strain of ransomware spreads using NSA’s EternalBlue exploit. New Zero-day flaw in Google Chrome Discovered Actively Exploited in the Wild North Korea Is Still Trying to Hack US Critical Infrastructure Pakistani Government Site Compromised, Logs Visitor Keystrokes Petya Defense seen as False Positive Petya Dete... Researchers Find Critical Backdoor in Swiss Online Voting System Researchers found over 40 bugs in blockchain platforms in 30 days Rising Tensions Between IT and End-Users Over Unauthorized Collaboration Tools RSA 2019: Making the case for agile cybersecurity RSA Conference: How to get more women into cyber security Security and Privacy vs. Innovation: The Great Balancing Act SimBad Android Adware found in 206 Applications on Google Play Store Six steps toward cybersecurity Smashing Security podcast: Hijacked homes, porn passports, and ransomware regret Spotting Insider Breaches: Employees Can Help Students aren't aware of cybersecurity career opportunities The Biggest Hacking Risk? Your Employees The Incident Response Approach to Cybersecurity The Must-Haves for Your Data Center Cybersecurity Checklist The not-so-secret ingredient for accelerating your business The Top 10 Sessions to Catch at RSA Conference 2019 The youthful CISO This Week in Security News: IoT Threats and Risks Thousands of patients impacted by ransomware attack at medical billing company Three Factors to Smart City Security (Contributed) Tips to boost your cyber security as hackers get smarter, bolder Top 10 Takeaways from RSA Conference 2019 Top Navy Admiral Warns of Cyber Attacks Against Brass Top seven security and risk management trends for 2019 Treasure trove of hacking tools discovered on eBay Triton is the world’s most murderous malware, and it’s spreading Update now! Microsoft’s March 2019 Patch Tuesday is here Vulnerability Summary for the Week of March 4, 2019 WebAuthn: What you need to know about the future of the passwordless Web What Universities Can Do to Limit the Cybersecurity Risk of Personal Devices on Campus What you need to know for Patch Tuesday, March 2019 Why a Well-defined Cyber-security Framework is Crucial For Data Security? Why Cyber Teams Must Focus on Cybersecurity Basics Why password managers are not all they're cracked up to be Women Represent 20 Percent Of The Global Cybersecurity Workforce In 2019 Zero Day Initiative — The March 2019 Security Update Review