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News1 EL DIARIO DEL CISO (THE CISO JOURNAL) Pensando y Trabajando por un Líder de Seguridad Digital 617 million accounts hacked: Websites exposed, details up for sale and more - ET CISO Data breaches exposed 5 billion records in 2018 | CSO Online A new cyber hack has been reported online in which the details of 617 million users have been compromised. harsher breach notification rules going into effect in ‘Countries must unite against cyber crime’ Adopting preventive measures and risk management tools, the need of the hour: Survey Airbus cyberattack sought intellectual property Careless, unaware employees top vulnerability for rising cyber risk exposure e-commerce policy: Data protection to form core of ecommerce policy Facebook tracking users who threaten its workers: Report Germany to let Nato use its cyber skills Hacker who stole over 600 mn account details strikes again Hackers steal over 600 mn account details from 16 websites Ixigo: Emails, hashed passwords of 18m Ixigo users stolen Jeff Bezos: Jeff Bezos case exposes billionaires' vulnerability to hackers Lack of rules leaves experts puzzled about data ownership after death: Analysis OkCupid users claim account breach, company denies Recovery rate of money in cybercrime abysmal SME: A cyber security incident can be catastrophic for small businesses Top recruiters in 2019 looking for professionals in data science, AI and cyber security ‘Clipper’ malware that alters crypto wallet addresses slips into Play Store - scmagazine.com Google’s Play Store unknowingly hosted a fake cryptocurrency app that actually modifies users’ crypto wallet addresses once they’re copied to the clipboard, researchers are reporting. Coffee Meets Bagel daters credentials among 617M records for sale on Dream Market cyber-souk Details on 617 million user accounts up for sale on dark web Flaw in runC could allow malicious containers to infect host environment Google Play announces 2019 Malicious App Crackdown How your stolen personal data is sent to the dark web, and what hackers can do with it Image-I-Nation supply chain breach exposes data of major credit agencies' customers Not-so-super Mario image hides code that downloads Ursnif trojan 'Old Phantom Crypter' supplants older Microsoft Office exploit builder tools PoC hides malware in Intel SGX enclave Ransomware attackers exploit plug-in flaw to infect MSPs and their clients Report describes Scarlet Widow romance cyber scam The road ahead in cyber TrickBot variant steals credentials for remote computer access VFEmail hit with ‘Catastrophic’ attack that deleted primary and backup files WordPress plugin Simple Social Buttons flaw allows complete site takeover The number of publicly known data breaches decreased last year compared to 2017, despite Europe. 10 essential steps to improve your security posture Attackers place cryptojacking apps in the Microsoft App Store Beware of phony or misleading malware rescue web pages Disastrous cyber attack on email provider wipes US servers and backups Have we doubled the number of women in infosec? How 5 universities stretch security capabilities, budgets with shared SOC How polls are hacked: What every business should know How to identify, prevent and remove rootkits in Windows 10 How to prevent and recover from an APT attack through a managed service provider HP gives software robots their own IDs to audit their activities IBM sets forth with a strong cybersecurity message Popular Xiaomi M365 electric scooters can be remotely hacked What is a man-in-the-middle attack? How MitM attacks work and how to prevent them What is biometrics? And why collecting biometric data is risky Hackers Target WordPress Sites via WP Cost Estimation Plugin | SecurityWeek.Com Eduard Kovacs (@EduardKovacs) is a contributing editor at SecurityWeek.He worked as a high school IT teacher for two years before starting a career in journalism as Softpedia’s security news reporter. China Calls US Concerns Over Huawei 'Groundless' Cryptojacking Applications Land in Microsoft Store Cyber Attack on Malta's Bank of Valletta DHS Cyber Leader Says 2020 Security Preparations Underway Extensive 'Living Off the Land' Hides Stealthy Malware Campaign Germany to Let NATO Use its Cyber Skills Indictment: Hackers Charged With Making Threats to Schools Mozilla, Others Want Big Retailers to Pledge Minimum IoT Security New Variant of Shlayer macOS Malware Discovered Third-Party Patch Released for Code Execution Flaw in OpenOffice U.S. Senators Announce Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Bills Windows App Caught Running on Mac, Installing Malware With Doctored Photos, Thieves Try to Steal Bitcoin The Secret To Comprehensive, Scalable And Effective Cybersecurity Cryptocurrency exchanges are seeing fraudsters submit doctored photos in an attempt to reset two-step verification on accounts. The ruse appears to have some degree Overview of the importance of visibility, context, and scalabiilty for effective cybersecurity and cloud security. Apple Update: Drop Everything and Patch iOS Battling Big Breaches: Are We Getting Better? Cottage Health Hit With $3 Million HIPAA Settlement Japan's Credit Card Fraud Debacle Maximize Cybersecurity Risk Ratings in 2019 No-Deal Brexit Threatens British Crime Fighting Roses Are Red, Romance Scammers Make You Blue SOC-as-a-Service for Financial Institutions Stress Test: Police Visit Webstresser Stresser/Booter Users US Intensifies Pressure on Allies to Avoid Huawei, ZTE WannaCry Hero Loses Key Motions in Hacking Case Are Hackers Winning The Denial Of Service Wars? Cyber Security Risk in Retail and How to Handle It Cybersecurity Mental Health Warning -- 1 In 6 CISOs Now Medicate Or Use Alcohol Don't Buy A Breach: Ten Cybersecurity Red Flags To Look For During M&A Due Diligence From Survive To Thrive In Cybersecurity How CISOs View Their Jobs Silencing Malware with AI Three Things To Know About Cybersecurity In 2019 What I've learned While Training Computers To Predict Cyber Risk WhatsApp Adds Great Account Security Feature, Here's How To Use It