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EL DIARIO DEL CISO (THE CISO JOURNAL) Pensando y Trabajando por un Líder de Seguridad Digital diferente International InfoSec & Cybersecurity News Data Privacy and Security – Lawyers Still Lag in Information Security Risk Management Digital readiness named top risk concern for businesses in 2019 Pentagon Considers Cybersecurity Certification for Its Contractors Disorganized crime and state-backed hackers: How the cybercrime and cyberwar landscape is constantly changing Recruiting in the age of the cyber security skills gap eBook-cyberasbusinessenabler.pdf Exclusive: Clues in Marriott hack implicate China - sources SamSam Ransomware Facebook Used People’s Data to Favor Certain Partners and Punish Rivals, Documents Show Steps to strengthen Cybersecurity for Automobile Industry Protecting our national identity assets is a matter of national security Researchers: GDPR Already Having Positive Effect on Cybersecurity in EU Security 2018 Surprises and 2019 Predictions (Part 2) Fact or Science Fiction? Using your Thoughts to Enter a Password Global cooperation needed to tame Wild West of cyberattacks Huawei Is Said to Plan $2 Billion Cybersecurity Reboot Knowledge Corner Spotlight - 31528 :: SEC: Strategic Security Advisory Services for CSOs Marriott data breach sparks multibillion-dollar suits, with more to come Mastercard and Microsoft say they're developing a universal identity management solution The 4 Steps Of Incident Handling & Response – eLearnSecurity Blog Top 7 IT Security Trends in 2019 TSA unveils cyber roadmap US charges Iranian hackers for SamSam ransomware attacks What are the differences between network security vs. cybersecurity? What Can We Learn About Cybersecurity from the Challenger Disaster? Everything. What The Cybersecurity Of Our Critical Infrastructure Can Learn From The Climate Change Debate Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks In The Era Of GDPR Wietse Venema & Dan Farmer, SATAN - Paul's Security Weekly #584 Who steals personal data and how do they make money from it? What to Communicate About the Marriott Hack When the Wrong Person Leads Cybersecurity Multimedia Resources Using the New 'Cybersecurity Profile' Tool Cybersecurity in Healthcare: It's Time to 'Wake Up' Financial institutions of all sizes can use a new Cybersecurity Profile tool to help them comply with a variety of regulations and implement the NIST Cybersecurity The healthcare sector is making progress in moving from a reactive to a proactive approach to cybersecurity as it learns lessons from other sectors, including DanaBot evolves beyond banking Trojan - Week in security with Tony Anscombe Solving 3rd Party Cybersecurity Risk Your organization's risk surface is larger than you think. How can you get a handle on what risks exist, where they reside ESET research shows that DanaBot operators have been expanding the malware’s scope with new spam-sending capability and possibly cooperating with another criminal The Board as 'Fourth Line of Defense' in Security 3 Top Security Challenges in Healthcare - Nandikotkur is an award-winning journalist with over 20 years' experience in newspapers, audio-visual media, magazines and research. Chris Bowen, chief privacy and security officer, founder, ClearDATA. Understanding where data is stored so it can be protected MDR: What to Ask When Choosing a Vendor Cyber Exposure: How to Discover, Measure and Reduce Your Risk Hampered by insufficient tools and skills, many organizations are now investing in managed detection and response solutions How does one measure cybersecurity success? For too many organizations, it’s simply the absence of a breach. Emails Expose Sensitive Internal Facebook Discussions Phishing, Ransomware Attacks Continue to Menace Healthcare A batch of documents meant to be kept under court seal lays bare Facebook’s strategic brokering of access to user data to reward partners and punish potential As the year winds down, phishing and ransomware attacks continue to plague the healthcare sector, as illustrated by recent breach reports. Black Hat Europe: The Power of Attribution To combat cyberattacks, more nations must not only hold nation-state attackers accountable, but also better cooperate by backing each other's attribution Top CIO Priorities for 2019 Broadband/wireless connectivity has moved up from seventh on the strategies list last year to fifth this year Lenny Zeltser, Minerva Labs – Paul’s Security Weekly #585 Lenny Zeltser the VP of Products at Minerva, will be giving a technical segment on Evasion Tactics in Malware from the Inside Out. www.cisos.club [email protected]