El Diario del CISO El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 34 - Page 5

EL DIARIO DEL CISO (THE CISO JOURNAL) Pensando y Trabajando por un Líder de Seguridad Digital diferente International InfoSec & Cybersecurity News Enabling the digital future: speed, agility and resilience Ransomware Is Constantly Evolving But We Half of management teams lack awareness about BPC despite increased attacks Can Defeat It Through Innovation | Hardware is on its way out as the demand for SD-WAN climbs Making it harder for attackers to know when a system begins to deceive a bad actor Information Security Buzz Measuring privacy operations: Use of technology on the rise When two large-scale ransomware campaigns – Old and new OpenSSH backdoors threaten Linux servers WannaCry and NotPetya – caused widespread Post-exploitation scanning tool scavenges for useful information disruption in 2017 the headlines suggested they Quora data breach: 100 million users affected Report: Pioneering Privileged Access Management heralded a new era of large-scale attacks. Researchers create AI that could spell the end for website security captchas Vulnerability discovered in safety controller configuration software Apricorn Introduces Its Fastest, Toughest Encrypted USB Drive: The Next- Generation Aegis Fortress L3 Why hospitals are the next frontier of cybersecurity Beware Ransomware Doctors Peddling Fake ‘Cures’, Warns Check Point Sharp rise in email and social media hacking in the UK Can AI Have Empathy In Patient Care? Ukraine Accuses Russia of Cyberattack on Judiciary Systems | SecurityWeek.Com Eduard Kovacs (@EduardKovacs) is a contributing editor at SecurityWeek.He worked as a high school IT teacher for two years before starting a career in journalism as Softpedia’s security news reporter. Criminal Investigations Into Computer Hacking Up 14% In One Year Cyber Research Forum In Washington DC Industry Leaders Reaction On Marriott Data Breach Exposing 500M Customers Industry Leaders Reaction On Quora Breach Kubernetes Security Flaw Could Enable Remote Hacking London Blue' Hacker Group Targets 35,000 Chief Financial Officers Russia Attacks Ukraine's Telecommunications Systems Senate Call For Data Security Laws In Wake Of Marriott Breach Sotheby's Home Latest Magecart Victim 168 Arrested in Money Mule Crackdown Top Seven IT Security Trends In 2019 2 Iranian Men Face New Charges Over Atlanta Cyberattack What To Do If Your Phone Is Stolen? Arrest of Tech Exec Signals Tougher US Stand on China Tech Firms Attorneys General File First Multistate HIPAA-Related Data Breach Lawsuit Chinese Government Suspected in Marriott Hack: Report Espionage, ID Theft? Myriad Risks From Stolen Marriott Data Facebook Emails Show How it Sought to Leverage User Data Fake iOS Fitness Apps Steal Money Adobe Patches Zero-Day Vulnerability in Flash Player Threatpost.com The vulnerability could lead to arbitrary code execution. How to Reduce False Positives and Move Faster on What Matters Is Malware Heading Towards a WarGames-style AI vs AI Scenario? Facebook Defends Data Policies On Heels of Incriminating Internal Docs Knowing Value of Data Assets is Crucial to Cybersecurity Risk Management Infected WordPress Sites Are Attacking Other WordPress Sites Lenovo Pays $7.3 Million to Settle Superfish Adware Lawsuit iOS Fitness Apps Robbing Money From Apple Victims M2M Protocols Expose Industrial Systems to Attacks Kubernetes Flaw is a "Huge Deal," Lays Open Cloud Deployments Malware Dropper Supports a Dozen Decoy Document Formats U.S. Military Members Catfished and Hooked for Thousands of Dollars No Smoking Gun Tying Russia to Spear-Phishing Attack, Microsoft Says White House Facial Recognition Pilot Raises Privacy Alarms Russian Hospital Targeted With Flash Zero-Day After Kerch Incident YouTuber PewDiePie Promoted Via 50K Hacked Printers Schumer Says Marriott Should Pay to Replace Hacked Passports What is digital trust? How CSOs can help drive business CSOOnline Chief security officers should play a key role in building trust with customers, and that translates to better customer acquisition, greater customer loyalty, and more revenue. Security Woes at Arizona Medicaid MCOs: Tip of the Iceberg? Healthcareinfosecurity A security review of two Medicaid managed care organizations in Arizona revealed several significant access control and configuration vulnerabilities, raising 12 States File Data Breach Lawsuit Against EHR Vendor Another Healthcare Website Security Issue Revealed 7 warning signs of an insider threat 8 old technologies that still play roles in security A Layered Approach to Cybersecurity: People, Processes, and Technology A look back at cybercrime in 2018 Attacking from inside, cyber crooks rake in millions from banks Cyber risk management continues to grow more difficult Hackers get into National Republican Congressional Committee's email Risk-based vulnerability management a better form of cyber defense Microsoft, Mastercard propose universal digital identity program Our homes are not the impenetrable fortresses they once were Risk-based vulnerability management a better form of cyber defense The CSO guide to top security conferences, 2018-19 The Hidden Costs of “Business as Usual” US senator proposes jailing execs, fining companies for data breaches GDPR Compliance: The Role of Vendor Risk Management Incident Response: Why a Tabletop Exercise Is Essential Lack of Business Associate Agreement Triggers HIPAA Fine Question: Did Quora Hack Expose 100 Million Users? Top Republican Email Accounts Compromised - bankinfosecurity.com Kirk is a veteran journalist who has reported from more than a dozen countries. Based in Sydney, he is Managing Editor for Security and Technology for Information Security Media Group. www.cisos.club conectate@cisos.club