El Diario del CISO El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 30 - Page 11

Culture change starts with you: How you can take steps to improve your working life Shift to outcomes-based security by focusing on business needs Use Cyber Essentials to kick-start outcomes-based security Teachtarget ITSPmagazine Create an email phishing test to minimize attack vectors Mystery around Trend Micro apps still lingers one month later Pentagon data breach exposed travel data for 30,000 individuals My Story About Diversity In Cybersecurity. By Melissa Wooten The Most Important Thing For Any Business Is To Stay In Business Washingtonpost CSHUB The Cybersecurity 202: The FDA is embracing ethical hackers in its push to secure medical devices The Cybersecurity 202: The U.S. needs a law that requires companies to disclose data breaches quickly, cybersecurity experts say Q&A: Security Thought Leaders Discuss Certs, SMEs & Hiring Process The Role of a CISO in Today’s Increasingly Complex Cybersecurity World Simple News 93% increase in people searching for cyber security recruitment Android Apps Pretend to Mine Unmineable CryptoCurrencies to Just Show Ads Are You Spending Too Much (or Too Little) on Cybersecurity? Capitulo 7 de Victor Manuel Triana Camacho en Prezi Cyber security skills gap needs addressing, says Fujitsu VP Digital transformation increases risk of cyberattacks Facebook Eyes Spammers for Mega-Breach Facebook Portal isn't designed to be as private as you might hope Gartner Hype Cycle 2017: Artificial intelligence at peak hype, blockchain heads for disillusionment, but say hello to 5G Google Online Security Blog: Building a Titan: Better security through a tiny chip GreyEnergy: New malware campaign targets critical infrastructure companies iPhones Increasingly Targeted by Cryptomining Malware Libssh Authentication Bypass Vulnerability Exploit (CVE-2018-10933) New Crypto Mining Malware Appears on iPhones Office 365 seeks to stop over 8 million business email phishing attempts with new low miss rate Pentagon Travel Provider Data Breach Counts 30,000 Victims Report: Cryptocurrency Exchanges Lost $882 Million to Hackers www.onrec.com www.bleepingcomputer.com www.datacenterknowledge.com prezi.com www.information-age.com betanews.com www.databreachtoday.com www.grahamcluley.com www.cityam.com security.googleblog.com www.zdnet.com securityboulevard.com www.vulnspy.com cryptovest.com www.onmsft.com www.govinfosecurity.com www.bankinfosecurity.com