El Diario del CISO El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 28 - Page 8

Jigsaw releases Intra, an Android app that encrypts DNS queries to thwart online censorship 200M Contacts Affected In Sales Engagement Startup Data Breach 5 Ways CISOs Can Improve Cybersecurity 8 Ways To Empower Your Security Operations Center Airports Are Implimenting Biometric Technology And The Risks It Presents Browser Spam Burgerville Breach Burgerville Fast Food Chain Suffers Major Credit Card Breach California Bans 'Secret' Election Bots Chinese Spy Chips Could Your Organisation’s Servers Be A Botnet? CRITICALSTART’s Section 8 Researchers Identify Vulnerability In Paessler’s PRTG Expert Reaction: Kim Kardashian The Most Dangerous Celebrity To Search For Facebook Breach Now Affecting 90m Users - What Do The Experts Say? Facebook Could Face Billions In Fines Fornite Gaming Cheats Suffer From Malware Attack GRU Cyber Attacks 'Short, Brutal Lives': Life Expectancy for ... Who Do You Trust? Parsing the Issues of Privacy, ... 12 AppSec Activities Enterprises Can't Afford to Skip 7 Steps to Start Your Risk Assessment An Intro to Intra, the Android App for DNS Encryption California Enacts First-in-Nation IoT Security Law CISOs: How to Answer the 5 Questions Boards Will ... Employees Share Average of 6 Passwords With Co-Workers Financial Sector Data Breaches Soar Despite Heavy ... For $14.71, You Can Buy A Passport Scan on the Dark Web GDPR Report Card: Some Early Gains but More Work Ahead Hack The Marine Corps Results: Nearly 150 Vulnerabilities Reported, $151,542 Paid To Hackers Hacked Facebook Accounts For Sale On Dark Web Head Of Compliance At Securityscorecard On Bupa Fine Home Router Vulnerabilities That Could Impact The Work Environment Industry Leaders Reaction on China Hacks Information Security Advice For Small And Medium Business Kim Kardashian Is The McAfee Most Dangerous Celebrity™ 2018 More UK Households Now Own A Smart Speaker Than A Pet Rabbit, But Do People Understand The Security Implications? New Betabot Infostealer Malware Campaign Positive Technologies Report: Every Fourth Cyberattack Targets Ordinary Users Potential Misuse Of Legitimate Websites To Avoid Malware Detection Russian Cyberattacks Exposed Smoke Loader Malware Updated And Detected In The Wild Weak Passwords To Be Banned In California UK Accuses GRU Of Cyberattacks Malware Outbreak Causes Disruptions, Closures at ... Mandia: Tipping Point Now Here for Rules of Cyber ... Most Home Routers Are Full of Vulnerabilities October Events at Dark Reading You Can't Miss Putting Security on Par with DevOps Report: In Huge Hack, Chinese Manufacturer Sneaks ... Stop Saying 'Digital Pearl Harbor' Successful Scammers Call After Lunch The Right Diagnosis: A Cybersecurity Perspective US Indicts 7 Russian Intel Officers for Hacking ... When Facebook Gets Hacked, Everyone Gets Hacked