El Diario del CISO El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 28 - Page 4

Influencers Why is Cyber Risk So Difficult to Manage? Companies Are Too Focused on the Threat. www.linkedin.com Ryan Dodd Founder and CEO at Cyberhed Why is cyber risk managed differently from other major risks companies face? Energy companies don’t spend outsized budgets on hedging risk from swings in energy prices. Well managed energy companies spend their money to extract more value of their existing assets, ensuring profitability in any price environment. “Hacked” Facebook Accoun t — or Cloned? shawnetuma.com Shawn E. Tuma Dear friends who keep talking about “hacked Facebook accounts”: When there is an account that is pretending to be your account on Facebook (or other social media platforms) that is sending friend requests to others, in most cases, this does not mean that your account has been “hacked” (i.e., inappropriately accessed by someone other than you Cybersecurity: Three Dynamics Working in Our Favor www.linkedin.com Cindy FornelliFollow Executive Director at Center for Audit Quality Cybersecurity risk is one born from profound disruption. Just as the internet transformed our businesses and lives for the better, it also spawned new categories of wrongdoing and a true rogue’s gallery of cybercriminals. A hacker’s guide to not get hacked www.peerlyst.com Alex Smirnoff Owner/Founder at Glanc Assume you are a technically savvy person who knows the basics. You never install random crap from the internet. A typical phishing email makes you laugh, you almost pity the mankind which can be fooled by scammers as silly as those.