El Diario del CISO El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 26 - Page 7

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Advantech WebAccess RCE flaw still exploitable , exploit code available APIs : The Trojan horses of security Worldwide enterprise WLAN market maintains growth momentum
British Airways breach was effected by Magecart attackers
Cybersecurity as catalyst for greater adoption of agile development Election infrastructure security : Should we use Internet voting ? Global market for smart city platforms expected to reach $ 755 million by 2027
Password inadequacy remains a top threat Scan reveals known open source vulnerabilities in popular Android apps September 2018 Patch Tuesday : Microsoft fixes actively exploited zero-day September Patch Tuesday forecast : Evaluate third-party updates alongside Microsoft release Tech support scammers leverage " evil cursor " technique to " lock " Chrome Verizon details breaches they were called in to investigate
What can we do to reverse the cybersecurity skills shortage ?
4 Practical Measures to Improve Election Security Now 4 Trends Giving CISOs Sleepless Nights British Airways Breach Linked to Ticketmaster ... Creators of Tools for Building Malicious Office ... Cybersecurity Is Only 1 Part of Election Security - ... DevOps Demystified: A Primer for Security ... Foreshadow, SGX & the Failure of Trusted Execution Three Trend Micro Apps Caught Collecting MacOS User ... Malware Campaign Targeting Jaxx Wallet Holders Shut ... Microsoft Patches 61 Vulns, One Under Active Attack ... A case for more accessible cybersecurity Advantech WebAccess RCE fl r7FWF&RWB6FRf&P3FRG&'6W2b6V7W&Gv&GvFRVFW'&6Rt&WBF2w&wFVGVФ'&F6'v2'&V6v2VffV7FVB'vV6'BGF6W'07&W'6V7W&G26FǗ7Bf"w&VFW"FFbvRFWfVV@VV7Fg&7G'V7GW&R6V7W&G6VBvRW6RFW&WBfFsv&&WBf"6'B6GFf&2WV7FVBF&V6CsSR֖Ɩ'##prFW&G6gV7FWG2W"WGv&B&6Bg&Wv&2RVVBF&FV7BW"FvFVFW'&6Rv7BFRFW7@7&W'6V7W&GF&VG0BF6VvW2F6V7W&RFvFG&6f&FR&W7B&7F6W2f"6V7W&rW"Ɩ6F0RF2f"&WGFW"6VB6V7W&G6R6Rs7&W'6V7W&GBWGv&FV266vBFW2FB67BW 'W6W73֖ƗF'vfW&VBW6W'2W7B2&B&WB֗&vfwB&FWG2&W7W&f6RvFWrG&60&RGF6&FW2W#BRv&ǒCBRU0GV"v&R'&w27FVFGF62Ff&W"WrtfWBrT'&w2&WGW&bB&6v&PWr7GVGFWF2'W6W72&VVfG2b&WG&70'W76FWG&FFVBf"#B&v66ƖFW6w0FRWF7FVƖrFW6FV0GVG2vBF&W6f"7&W'6V7W&G6&VW'077v&BFWV7&V2FF&V@66&WfV2vV6W&6RgVW&&ƗFW2V"G&B06WFV&W"#F6GVW6F֖7&6gBfW27FfVǒWFVBW&F6WFV&W"F6GVW6Ff&V67CWfVFRF&B'GWFFW2w6FP֖7&6gB&VV6PFV67W'B66W'2WfW&vR&Wf7W'6""FV6VRF&6"6&PfW&FWF2'&V6W2FWvW&R6VBFfW7FvFPvB6vRFF&WfW'6RFR7&W'6V7W&G626'FvSV6r6VB6V7W&Gf"u2FWVG06W'26RFW6FV2Wf""6V6G2F7FV6 V"27F&R27FVW6W"FF6VBBF&VFR6W'fW'0F&VBFWFV7FN( 2&WB( F^( vB2&FWCBvFW&VwBvrvFR6vB2FR67BbFF'&V6