El Diario del CISO El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 26 - Page 6

Other Important News
Hackers Increase Attacks Using Banking Trojans
Other Important News Apache Struts exploit found in Mirai variant may signify shift in attack strategy Apple store apps are not all safe: Malwarebytes, Tripwire Apple’s Safari and Microsoft’s Edge browsers contain spoofing bug Canadian town bows to ransomware attack, will pay attackers Cobalt Gang phishing campaign targets Eastern Europeans with CobInt backdoor-downloader Colorado firm claims ransomware attack behind closure Domestic Kitten spyware targets ISIS supporters Honolulu-based Fetal Diagnostic Institute of the Pacific hit with ransomware Imaginary patch? SCADA software company reportedly never actually fixed RCE bug despite issuing update Jaxx Cryptocurrency wallet phishing campaign shut down Kelihos botnet operator pleads guilty LuckyMouse using legitimate security certificate to evade traps New GandCrab ransomware variant attacks Florida School District #GartnerSec Three Key Questions to Ride Risk Manag ЁѼMՍ(ѹMɅ!ȁ ձɔѼ ѱ 剕ȵ ɥ(IeM= IѼѡḾ)́UɝѼAэȁAՉ͍͕ ՝)ÍٕQMɥQȁMɕѱMѕф)ɵ 剕ȁḾMљɵ́5A) !Ё]Mɽ) ɽȁIٕAݽɑ́ɽ]啔)Lх́%ɕ͔M锁)!́%ɕ͔х́Uͥ Qɽ)AɬAфɕ̀԰ѽ(A̜ݽɑÁɔѡ90ѕЁѕɕɕ)ɕѥ)AэQՕ͑5ɽͽЁэ̀܁ɥѥՕ̰1A ձɅ)A1䁵́1䰁͕́չՔمͥхѥ)IͥɅѕѼTLȀͥٔ)Mѽ́ՕѥMхєѵЁ剕͕ɥ䁙ɕ)MѕȁAэQՕ͑э͕ٕ́ɥѥձɅѥ)MՑ́хɥ䁽U,չٕͥ䁍剕Ʌх)Mٕ9ɱ䁽ѡɐɕ́ɕѕ͕́ѕ)фɕ)Uѥ݅ɔͥѼͥ锁хɝ́ɔչձ屽)Y5Ёչ͕ɕɕɑ͕́)]9Ѡ-ɕ́TLѵЁ))iɽմչQȁձɅ䁽Qݥѕ)%