El Diario del CISO El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 24 | Page 8

Listen to Your Customers and Make Security a Priority Why SMS banking is still a bad idea Nearly half of businesses suffered an unrecoverable data event in the last 6.4 billion fake emails sent every day three years Companies reliant on consumer data are at risk Researchers reveal new online user tracking techniques Secure your open source components automatically, continuously, and Critical Apache Struts flaw opens enterprises to compromise, patch ASAP! silently Data from 316 million real-world attacks in AWS and Azure environments Security of smart utilities leaves a lot to be desired Why do enterprises take a long time to install vital security updates Smart homes can be easily hacked via unsecured MQTT servers Google removes 39 YouTube channels linked to Iranian influence operations The importance of career pathing in the cybersecurity industry Hacking smart plugs to enter business networks The single sign-on account hijacking threat and what can we do about it? Threat Stack announces containerized agent to enable container deployment How to develop the right strategy to increase IoT security at scale IoT security: The work on raising the bar continues Who owns application security? Let user experience guide your security requirements Who's trying to eavesdrop on your customers' encrypted mobile traffic? Making informed decisions: The importance of data driven security AdvisorsBot Malware Downloader Discovered Microsoft Releases Intel Microcode Patches for Foreshadow Flaws Attack on DNC Part of Simulated Phishing Test Microsoft Rolls Out End-to-End Encryption in Skype Code Analysis Firm Semmle Launches With $21 Million in Funding Microsoft's Anti-Hacking Efforts Make it an Internet Cop Cybercriminals Are Leveraging Agile Development, Organizations Must Keep Necurs Campaign Targets Banks Pace DMARC Use is Growing, But Difficult to Configure Correctly and Completely New Spyware Framework for Android Discovered Facebook Suspends Hundreds of Apps Over Data Concerns Russian Hackers Went After Conservative US Groups: Microsoft FBI Probes Computer Hacks in California House Campaigns Severe Flaws Found in Yokogawa Switches, Control Systems Half a Million Cards Exposed in Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen Breach Supply Chain Attack Hits South Korean Firms How to Mitigate the Threat Within Iran-Linked Influence Campaign Targets US, Others Industry Sharing Feeds, A Step in the Right Direction but Not Enough Weak Security Socializes Risk Adobe releases out of schedule remote code execution fix Philips reveals code execution vulnerabilities in cardiovascular devices Elections 2018: Is misinformation killing democracy? The enemy is us Spyware firm SpyFone leaves customer data, recordings exposed online Facebook kills 650 Russian, Iranian accounts for 'inauthentic behavior' Survey: 7 out of 10 US healthcare firms have no cybersecurity insurance This Android spyware records calls and sends your pictures and location to Hacker holds the data of 20,000 Superdrug customers to ransom hackers