El Diario del CISO El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 24 - Page 7

Gartner: Cloud-Smitten Companies Facing “Unpredictable” Cybersecurity Threats Hiding Malware Inside Images on GoogleUserContent Key Interventions for Electronic Healthcare Record Security Admins Urged to Stop Everything and Patch New Apache Struts Flaw Almost a Third of Orgs Still Not Completely Prepared for GDPR Augusta Health Center Reveals Historic Breach Aussie Teen Pleads Guilty to 90GB Apple Hack Bad News About AppleJeus BlackIoT Aims to Disrupt the Power Grid EU Set to Legislate on Terror Content Cyber Scholarship to Build Multicultural Workforce Cybercrime Prosecutions Fall Again in UK Cybercrime Pulls in $1m Every Minute CyberFirst Students Get Taste of CNI Security DNC Spots Phishing Attempt to Access Voter Database 32,000 smart homes can be easily hacked due to misconfigured MQTT servers Addressing the Cyber Skills Gap with Great Talent AI Wars: relax, it’s not the end of the world Android 'Triout' spyware records calls, sends photos and text messages to attackers Avoid Unnecessary Pain with a Security Champion Corporate pre-crime: The ethics of using AI to identify future insider threats Do you know your gap? Get Peace of Mind with Verification How IoT is Impacting DNS, and Why It's Scaring Both CISOs and Networking Pros How to Make Application Security a Competitive Advantage In the cloud era, government can only be as secure as its supply chain Trend Micro takes multi-pronged approach to narrowing the gaping cybersecurity skills gap What companies need to know about ‘SecOps’ — the path to making ‘digital transformation’ secure Financial Watchdog Puts Pressure on Banks to Stop Fraud Half of English Councils Running Outdated Server Software Iranian Threat Group Targets Universities Loss of Customer Trust and Confidence Biggest Consequence of DDoS Attacks Microsoft Shuts Down Six APT28 Phishing Domains New Major Ghostscript Vulnerability Discovered NHS Loses Almost 10,000 Patient Records in a Year Rights Group Demands Government Take Action on Nuisance Calls Ryuk and Sextortion Ransomware Nets $1m Superdrug Held to Ransom After Breach TUC: Staff Fear Workplace Surveillance US Election Hack Whistleblower Winner Gets Five Years Mirai leveraging Aboriginal Linux to target multiple platforms New strategic vision needed to thrive as a digital enterprise Reevaluate "low-risk" PHP unserialization vulnerabilities, researcher says Security – the Earlier, the Better The CSO guide to top security conferences The Cybersecurity Regulations Healthcare, Financial Services, and Retail Industries Must Know About The transition toward enterprise-class cybersecurity vendors What are small organizations doing about cybersecurity? What is WebAuthN? Possibly the answer to all web authentication What your enterprise needs to know about cyber threat intelligence Why burnout happens in Information Security