El Diario del CISO El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 24 | Page 12

Facebook, Twitter Purge Fake News Accounts Linked To Iran, Russia Russian Political Hack Halted By Microsoft Superdrug Admits Disclosure Of Personal Data UK SMBs Struggle To Manage Customer Data, Seagate Warns Wired Why the DNC Thought a Phishing Test Was a Real Attack How microsoft tackles russian hackers—and why it's never enough How a brounch of Lava Lamps Protect us From Hackers The Untold Story of Nopetaya The Most Devastating Cyberattack in History Welivesecurity Bugcrowd crowdsourcing platform launch Bugcrowd University Canada and cybersecurity in the spotlight after a busy summer Superdrug customer data stolen claim cybercriminals Informationsecuritybuzz Anatomy Of A Red Team Exercise Elon Musk Announces Tesla Will Share Security Software With Other Car Makers As Open Source Why Businesses Must Re-Educate On Cybersecurity Policies Trendmicro Back to Basics: Why We Need to Encourage More Secure IoT Development - Simplifying and Prioritizing Advanced Threat Response Measures - This Week in Security News: Facebook and Faxploits - Inforisktoday Crypto Wars Continue, as Feds Seek Messenger Backdoor Facebook, Twitter and Google Suspend 'Inauthentic' Accounts Google Hit With Lawsuit Over Location Tracking Venturebeat Convicted of leaking Russian hacking docs, Reality Winner gets unlikely champion: President Trump Enterprise IT/OT: Better Collaboration, But Not Perfect False Alarm: Phishing Attack Against DNC Was Just a Test Google Suspends YouTube Accounts, Content Linked to Iran The Growing Risk of DDoS Attacks TheRegister Hackers clock personal deets on 'two million' T-Mobile US subscribers Microsoft: We busted Russian Fancy Bear disinfo websites Uni credential-swiping hack campaign linked to Iranian government Forbes How To Hack An Aircraft Managing Cybersecurity Policy, Compliance And Enforcement Across The Enterprise North Korea-Linked Group Attacks Crypto Exchanges With Advanced Mac Malware Nakedsecurity Babysitting app suffers ‘temporary data breach’ of 93,000 users DNC ‘spearphishing attack’ was actually a test Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu passwords found for sale on the Dark Web Securereading Augusta University Health Data Breach Exposes Personal Data 417,000 Persons Dark Tequila Banking Malware Targets Mexican banking Institutions since 2013 Technology Articles [Report] Techtarget How can a 13-year-old configuration flaw affect SAP systems? How new cybersecurity problems emerge from fake news Security at Facebook: Building a diverse cybersecurity team Careerinfosecurity Convergence of OT and IoT: The Security Challenges