El Diario del CISO El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 20 - Page 8

Amazon Prime Day: 60% increase in cloud transactions impact business apps Attention all passengers: Airport networks are putting you at risk! Banking malware finds new life spreading data Be Ready to Fight new 5G Vulnerabilities Cyber Security Incidents: Insider Threat falls in UK (to 65%) and Germany (to 75%) post GDPR, but US risk increases (to 80%) MoneyTaker Hackers Stole $1 Million From Russian Bank A Cyber Axis of Evil is Rewriting the Cyber Kill Chain DOJ Cybersecurity Task Force Outlines Plans for Protecting Elections Financial Industry Insiders Put the Keys to the Kingdom at Risk Trump-Putin Meeting Puts Finland on Cyber-Attack Target List Industry Reactions to U.S. Indicting 12 Russians for DNC Hack Bankinfosecurity 10 Takeaways: Russian Election Interference Indictment Bank Hackers Exploit Outdated Router to Steal $1 Million Trump's Views on Russian Election Meddling: A History Greece Will Send Russian Cybercrime Suspect to France Hackers Grab 1.5 Million Patients' Details in Singapore How Trump Talks About Russian Hacking LabCorp Still Recovering From Ransomware Attack LabCorp. Cyberattack Impacts Testing Processes Robocalling Firm Leaves Virginia Voter Data Online Telefónica Movistar Site Exposed Customer Billing Details Timehop Reveals Additional Data Compromised by Hacker Thehackersnews Mimecast Opens Early Adopter Program for New Web Security Service Only 20% of companies have fully completed their GDPR implementations Organisations need a zero trust model for cyber security, Unisys survey finds Two thirds embarrassed by their out of date tech What Defines a Cyber Insurgency? Keeping it on the Down Low on the Dark Web Okta Acquires Access Control Startup ScaleFT Ransomware Attack Hits Health Firm LabCorp Robocalling Firm Exposes U.S. Voter Records Singapore Says Hackers Stole 1.5 Million Health Records in Massive Cyberattack The Path to Securing IoT Ecosystems Starts at the Network SCMagazine Emotet creators shift from banking trojan to threat distributor Let's change the way we talk about security LuminosityLink RAT author pleads guilty Ukraine accuses Russia of VPNFilter attack targeting chlorine distillation station New and improved Magniber ransomware expands threats within Asia Researchers detect fresh activity in Blackgear cyber espionage campaign Suspicious network activity could be symptom of breach at diagnost 72f&Ф$6'FVVf6'&V6VfW2FF֖Ɩ2W6V@6V7W&G&VWf ֖7&6gB62'W76G&VBF6F&VR#֖GFW&VV7F6FFFW226VB7&W'6V7W&Gw&r&R6WVFW'&6W2V'W6W76W26VVFV6R7W7FW'2&Vf&R&VwVF'2G&fRf"tE #ՖV"Bv6&vVBvF6r6VVvWw2V66V@6Ɩ6P֖7&6gB&VV6W2vW%6V6&Rf"ƖW266vP7&W'6V7W&G"6VVW'3vvW7B"6WF