El Diario del CISO El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 20 | Page 7

DDoS Attacks Get Bigger, Smarter and More Diverse GangWang GPS Navigation Attack Leads Unsuspecting Drivers Astray How Cyber Insurance Changes the Conversation Around Risk Privacy Advocates Say Kelsey Smith Act Gives Police Too Much Power Sizing Up The Scourge of Credential Stuffing Smaller Nation State Attacks: A Growing Cyber Menace ThreatList: A Ranking of Airports By Riskiest WiFi Networks Stealthy Malware Hidden in Images Takes to GoogleUserContent LabCorp Investigates a Potential Breach that Could Affect Millions Massive Malspam Campaign Finds a New Vector for FlawedAmmyy RAT 26,000 electronic devices are lost on London Transport in one year 86% of enterprises have adopted a multi Attention all passengers: Airport networks are putting you at risk! BEC scams and real estate deals: How to protect yourself? World powers equip, train other countries for surveillance Change Healthcare gives payers and providers the keys to cloud security Cisco plugs serious flaws in Policy Suite, SD-WAN, and Nexus switches Thousands of U.S. Voter Personal Records Leaked by Robocall Firm Cyber Chief Magazine: GDPR Winning Moves Cybersecurity no longer top risk for telecom industry Diffy: A triage tool for cloud-centric incident response 12 Russian Agents Indicted In Mueller Investigation AI Will Create As Many Jobs As It Displaces Bank's Routers Hacked To Steal $1 Million Downtime On Prime Day (Est. $75mil In Lost Sales, Comparable To Self Invited DDoS Attack) GDPR And Timehop Breach Gmail Confidentiality Control Half Of US Retailers Have Seen A Data Breach This Year Human Resources Company Comply Right Suffers Data Breach Why Defending Insider Threats Takes More than Just Technology 6 ways you are sabotaging your cyber defences 86% of enterprises have adopted a multi A Short Guide to Cyber Security for Small Businesses Alert Logic announces industry-first container security capabilities Digital transformation will help cloud service providers increase revenue Do you have what it takes to become a Chief Scientist in the infosec industry? How hackers exploit critical infrastructure Inside look at lifecycle of stolen credentials and extent of data breach damage Many infosec professionals reuse passwords across multiple accounts Only 20% of companies have fully completed their GDPR implementations Only 65% of organizations have a cybersecurity expert Rain Capital: Venture fund seeks to back cybersecurity companies led by women and minorities Retail data breaches continue to reach new highs NHS At 70 And The Role Of Cybersecurity Organisations Pay $250K For Critical Security Bugs Password-Stealing, Eavesdropping Malware Targets Ukrainian Government Programmability Delivers Greater Agility Securing Manufacturing In The Age Of Industry 4.0 Ukraine Blocks Major VPNFilter Attack Against Chemical Plant US & Russia Joint Cyber Initiatives Warning All Airline Passengers, The Most Insecure Airports Identified Cybersecurity no longer top risk for telecom industry Declassified files reveal how pre-WW2 Brits smashed Russian crypto Hackers Breach Network of LabCorp, US' Biggest Blood Testing Laboratories Hackers Breach Russian Bank and Steal $1 Million Due to Outdated Router