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News2 EL DIARIO DEL CISO (THE CISO JOURNAL) Thinking and Working for a Digital Security Leader Cshub Zdnet 5 Most Stressful Aspects Of Cyber Security Baltimore Blames NSA For Ransomware Attack Incident Of The Week: Checkers Restaurants Details Data Breach Incident Of The Week: Millions Hit By Quest, LabCorp Data Breach Strengthening Cyber Security For ERP Applications The Case For Stronger Cyber Security Efforts In APAC Cathay Pacific's unpatched decade-old vulnerability led to 2018 breach Cybersecurity jobs: These skills are most in demand and have the best pay Cybersecurity: How to get your software patching strategy right and keep the hackers at bay Cybersecurity: You're probably over-confident about your defences or under- prepared for a breach Is your cybersecurity training reaching the right people? KrebsonSecurity Securityintelligence Gaming the System: How MMOs Can Level Up Your Cybersecurity Best Practices Interns and Social Media: A Goldmine for Hackers Security Awareness Training Without Tech Awareness Can Leave Employees in the Dark Third-Party Risks Need New Approaches Canada Uses Civil Anti-Spam Law in Bid to Fine Malware Purveyors LabCorp: 7.7 Million Consumers Hit in Collections Firm Breach NY Investigates Exposure of 885 Million Mortgage Documents Report: No ‘Eternal Blue’ Exploit Found in Baltimore City Ransomware Should Failing Phish Tests Be a Fireable Offense? Securitynow Techtarget HawkEye Malware Finds Renewed Life With Financially Motivated Actors Insider Threat: Research Proves Loyalty Can Be a Rare Commodity Mobile Fraud Is on the March, Finds New RSA Report NanshOu' China-Based Attack Uses APT-Like Techniques to Infect Servers Worldwide How does the new Dharma Ransomware variant work? Huawei ban highlights 5G security issues CISOs must tackle Microsoft issues second BlueKeep warning urging users to patch NSA issues BlueKeep warning as new PoC exploit demos Other News $74 Million Settlement of Premera Breach Lawsuits Proposed 10 Cybersecurity Quotes from SecureWorld Atlanta 12 dark secrets of encryption 4 Programming Languages Every Cyber Security Professional Must Know 5 Reasons why SMEs can’t ignore cyber security 64 percent of organizations believe they have suffered a breach due to privileged access 72 percent of cyber security professionals have considered quitting over lack of resources Alex Stamos on Content Moderation and Security Attackers Piece Together Malicious Tools Used for Targeted Attacks Auction Sees Malware Infested Computer Sell for $1.3 Million Baltimore Ataque ransomware Costeo City $ 18 millones Baltimore IT head apologizes for ransomware attack response Beyond the data breach: How retail is addressing cybersecurity BlueKeep: cybercriminals scanning for the latest Windows vulnerability Building an InfoSec Program from Scratch, Part I - Understand the Business CFOs Grapple With How Much Cybersecurity Spending is Enough China-Based Company is Believed to be Behind HiddenWasp Malware Cities Under Attack: Ransomware Continues to Plague Public Institutions Club Statement: Online Security Breach Comprehensive 2019 Email Fraud Reports Cryptocurrency Company Hacks Itself Before Hackers Can Hack It Cryptocurrency wallet GateHub hacked, nearly $10 million stolen Cyber criminals steal 113,000 data records from rivals Cybersecurity in the “When-Not-If” Era Data Privacy and Security – Happy Birthday GDPR! Its Year in Review and the Future for Data Protection DDoS Attacks on IoT. Doesn't remind you of something... ? Do personality traits matter in cyber security? Educating the Next Generation of Cyber Warriors: National Centers of Academic Excellence Celebrate 20th Anniversary > National Security Agency Email Still Major Attack Vector: Security Research Employees are almost as dangerous to business security as hackers and cybercriminals Employees beware: 33% of CEOs will fire you if you cause a cybersecurity breach Eurofins Scientific detects ransomware in some of its IT systems First American Financial Corp. Data Records Leak Fort Worth IT Professionals Fired for Reporting Cybersecurity Issues:Security Affairs Fortune 500 Company Addresses Weakness Behind 264GB Data Leak Future-Proof Your Digital Business With Zero Trust Security GDPR Anniversary: Where are we on privacy a year later? GDPR fines levied so far: The lessons businesses can learn Health Care and Manufacturing Industries Still Threatened by WannaCry HiddenWasp malware seizes control of Linux systems How to Build a Cybersecurity Career How to Protect Yourself or Your Business from Ransomware in 2 Steps How to remove BOSTON ransomware (Virus Removal Guide) In Search of Six Million Crime Stoppers Infonomics-based Model Teaches CISOs how to Assess their Data’s Financial Risk, Invest Properly in Data Security Infosec bloke claims: Pornhub owner shafted me after I exposed gaping holes in its cartoon smut platform • The Register IoT security vs. privacy: Which is a bigger issue? IT Security Vulnerability Roundup – May 2019 'IT shouldn't tell OT they have an ugly baby,' says Anglo American CISO jetlib.sec Jewish dating app JCrush exposed user data and private messages Key Findings of the Exabeam 2019 State of the SOC Report Large 'GoldBrute' RDP Botnet Hunts For Exposed Servers With Weak Passwords Leveraging Analytics for More Effective Security Performance Management Linux Targeted By Chinese Malware Dubbed "HiddenWasp" Majority of UAE residents think their smart device is spying on them Millennial Perceptions of Security: Results from a National Survey of Americans Most organizations, over-confident in their ability to stop data breaches, Centrify survey reveals Mueller Reconfirms Russian Election Interference Campaign Organizations still struggle to manage vulnerability patches, report Phishing Scams Can Now Hack Two-Factor Authentication Potential human costs of cyber operations Prevent ransomware attacks: Learn from Atlanta and Baltimore Ransomware isn’t just a big city problem Ransomware: Who’s to Blame or Not to Blame in Baltimore Attack? Researcher Posts Demo of BlueKeep Exploit of Windows Device Secret CSO: Mary Gardner, F5 Networks Security First Culture: Why it's Critical to Your Business Snapchat workers snooped on users with internal tool Taking a ‘risk-based’ approach to cybersecurity spend The Cost of Cybercrime The Cybersecurity Market Is Consolidating The Ins and Outs of Cybersecurity Insurance The security endgame: How to actively keep your data and organisation secure The US Needs an Industrial Policy for Cybersecurity This Week in Security News: Gray Alerts and Wormable Malware - Wesley Clover What corporate boards still don’t understand about cyber risk What’s the best approach to patching vulnerabilities? Would you pay $1m for a laptop full of malware? www.cisos.club [email protected]