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Thou2 Thinking and Working for a Digital Security Leader Thoughts of LSD The #LSD Who Has No Title!! (#DSL, #DigitalSecLeader) Andrés Ricardo Almanza Junco What is proposed by the three authors are capacities that have characteristic and common elements. 1. They are applicable to all individuals 2. They do not require more than being willing to perform them 3. They allow you to obtain different results for any 4. They require patience, discipline and perseverance 5. Do not depend on a position or power in an organization to be applied All these proposals applied to the life of digital security professionals are of vital importance, since currently they are demanding for these professionals’ new ways of seeing, attending and responding to an increasingly complex digital organizational reality. In this sense it is necessary that digital security professionals begin to rethink the ways in which they can perform their function and if the position, power, are necessary and sufficient conditions that allow you to develop your initiatives and that you are transformed into elements of value that allows the organization to build environments where digital trust is a tool to offer value to all interested parties. In this context we leave these questions for the reflections of readers, who are invited to rethink, reflect and if they wish to share their opinions . Is a position other than the one you have now necessary for the development of your function as # LSD? Does the current position as # LSD prevent you from performing its functions? What could you do differently so that your position is not an impediment to the development of your role as # LSD? What more is required of you to not depend on the position or the power to develop your function as # LSD? What can be the first step for you to start to stop depending on your position and / or power in the organization to perform your role as # LSD? You want to talk about this topic. Write us with pleasure we chatted. coné[email protected] References Based on : Gerald C. Kane (2019). Common Traits of the from: https://sloanreview.mit.edu/article/common-traits-of-the-best-digital-leaders/ Best Digital Leaders . Sloan Maxwell C. John. 5 Levels of Leadership. 2011. Phrase adapted from the chapter You can learn practical leadership tools . Pag. 4. Sharma Robin. The Leader Who Had Not in Title. 2012. Management Review. Retrieved