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News1 EL DIARIO DEL CISO (THE CISO JOURNAL) Thinking and Working for a Digital Security Leader NSA Issues Advisory for 'BlueKeep' Vulnerability 7 Recent Wins Against Cybercrime Adware Hidden in Android Apps Downloaded More Than ... Baltimore Ransomware Attacker Was Behind ... Carbanak Attack: Two Hours to Total Compromise 'Cattle, Not Pets' & the Rise of Security-as-Code Certifiably Distracted: The Economics of Cybersecurity Checkers Breach Underscores Continued POS Dangers Cyber Talent Gap? Don't Think Like Tinder! Cybercrime: Looking Beyond the Dark Web Emotet Made Up 61% of Malicious Payloads in Q1 First American Financial Corp. Left Mortgage Data ... FirstAm Leak Highlights Importance of Verifying the ... Flipboard Confirms Two Hacks, Prompts Password Resets GandCrab Gets a SQL Update Healthcare Breach Expands to 19.6 Million Patient ... How Security Vendors Can Address the Cybersecurity ... How Today's Cybercriminals Sneak into Your Inbox Impersonation Attacks Up 67% for Corporate Inboxes Inside the Criminal Businesses Built to Target ... Majority of C-Level Executives Expect a Cyber Breach Massive Changes to Tech and Platforms, But ... Microsoft Urges Businesses to Patch 'BlueKeep' Flaw New SOAP Attack Hits South African Home Routers Robbinhood: Inside the Ransomware That Slammed ... First American Financial Corporation exposed millions of mortgage documents | Cyware Hacker News AMCA web payment page breached; Nearly 12 million Quest Diagnostics patients impacted Around 7.7 million LabCorp customers impacted from AMCA data breach Attackers hacked Flipboard databases and compromised users’ account details Australian National University suffered data breach impacting its staffs and students Baltimore County Schools found exposing highly sensitive information on students and staff members Broome County suffered data breach compromising personal information employees and clients Chinese-linked APT10 adds new Quasar RAT and PlugX variants to its arsenal Cybercriminals swoop 23 million Ripple coins from GateHub Cyware Weekly Threat Intelligence, June 3-7, 2019 Cyware Weekly Threat Intelligence, May 27-31, 2019 Emails of hundreds of Ethiopia's Information Network Security Agency agents hacked due to predictable passwords Gnosticplayers hacked Canva website and stole data of over 139 million users IT giant Tech Data Exposed Customer Information In Major Data Leak Leicester City F.C. informs users of data breach on its online store Lewes Board of Public Works notifies customers of potential data breach New phishing campaign prompting users to take action on list of undelivered email New Zealand Treasury hacked and budget information leaked newsletter.cyware.com Opko Health Inc becomes the latest victim of AMCA data breach Over 2.3 billion sensitive business data were exposed online in the last 12 months Over 40,000 Containers with default configurations found online Opinion A strong data security defense always comes back to the basics - information-management.com Cloud customers, not providers, responsible for most cyber security incidents First American may have exposed millions of client records Going beyond basic cyberhygiene to protect data assets Greater data security investments needed for 5G success, warns study How APIs are being used at Citi, BBVA and other leading banks Major infrastructure investments needed to thwart growing cyber risks New software Framework intended to define, advance security features One year old, GDPR marks a number of successes and inspirations 5G Networks Spark Concerns For Enterprise Risks | Threatpost 2.3B Files Exposed in a Year: A New Record for Misconfigs 200k Personal Records Exposed by Events Planning Firm 440 Million Android Users Plagued By Extremely Obnoxious Pop-Ups 50k Servers Infected with Cryptomining Malware in Nansh0u Campaign 5G IoT: Literally a Matter of Life or Death '5G is Coming,' But Can the Security Industry Keep Up? AI, the Mandatory Element of 5G Mobile Security Chinese Spy Group Mixes Up Its Malware Arsenal with Brand-New Loaders Critical Flaws in Amcrest HDSeries Camera Allow Complete Takeover Forget BlueKeep: Beware the GoldBrute GandCrab Ransomware Shutters Its Operations Gen Z Interns and Social Media: A Perfect Security Storm Infosecurity Europe: Easing the Clash Between IT and Industrial Worlds IoT Security Regulation is on the Horizon Is 'Sign in with Apple' Marketing Spin or Privacy Magic? Experts Weigh In MacOS Zero Day Allows Trusted Apps to Run Malicious Code New Linux Malware ‘HiddenWasp’ Borrows from Mirai, Azazel Newly-Identified BEC Cybergang Targets U.S. Enterprise Victims News Wrap: Infosecurity Europe Highlights and BlueKeep Anxiety Podcast: Behind-the-Scenes Look at Scattered Canary BEC Cybergang POS Malware Found at 102 Checkers Restaurant Locations SandboxEscaper Debuts ByeBear Windows Patch Bypass Tap 'n Ghost Attack Creatively Targets Android Devices Zero-Day No More: Windows Bug Gets a Fix Top Australian University Reports Vast, 'Sophisticated' Hack | SecurityWeek.Com Attackers Piece Together Malicious Tools Used for Targeted Attacks Baltimore Says It Will Not Pay Ransom After Cyberattack Beyond Biometrics: The Future of Authentication Business Users Targeted by HawkEye Keylogger Malware Facebook to Cut off Huawei to Comply With U.S. Sanctions How Deception Technology Can Defend Networks and Disrupt Attackers Inside the Operations of a West African Cybercrime Group LabCorp Says 7.7 Million Patients Caught in AMCA Data Breach NSA Urges Windows Users to Patch 'BlueKeep' Vulnerability Platinum Hackers Use Steganography to Mask C&C Communications Public Exposure of Sensitive Files on the Internet is Getting Worse Rail System Cybersecurity Firm Cylus Raises $12 Million Siemens Medical Products Affected by Wormable Windows Flaw Source Code of New Iran-Linked Hacking Tool Posted Online Spain Extradites 94 Taiwanese to China on Phone Scam Charges Tales From the SOC: Municipal Edition Technology is Not Our Problem Apple Emphasizes Privacy With Single Sign-On Feature- BankInfoSecurity 1 Million Windows Devices 'Vulnerable to Remote Desktop Flaw' 11 Hot Sessions: Infosecurity Europe 2019 Australian National University: 19 Years of Data Copied BioReference Laboratories Added to AMCA Breach Tally Checkers, Rally’s Burger Joints Hit By POS Malware GoldBrute Botnet Brute-Force Attacking 1.5M RDP Servers Microsoft Sounds Second Alarm Over BlueKeep Vulnerability Multilayered Security Gets Personal Open Source Security - How to Defend at the Speed of Attack