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News0 EL DIARIO DEL CISO (THE CISO JOURNAL) Thinking and Working for a Digital Security Leader International InfoSec & Cybersecurity News Flipboard Breached in Nine-Month Raid - Infosecurity Magazine #Infosec19 Dark Web Sales Offer Network Access for $10,000 #Infosec19 Video Panel: Language of Cyber #Infosec19: Former Lloyd’s CEO Says Collaboration is Key to Future of Cyber Insurance #Infosec19: Identify and Protect your Very Attacked People #Infosec19: Infosecurity's Second State of Cybersecurity Report, Available Now #Infosec19: Security Must Support Digital Transformation & Enable the Business #Infosec19: Shake Up Cybersecurity Training to Keep Ahead of Hackers #Infosec19: Winners of European Security Blogger Awards Announced 25% of Workers Would Give Away Data for £1000 AI Is "Fundamental" to Future of SME Cybersecurity Australian Police Collect 9K+ Docs in ABC Raid Complex Legacy IT Problems Can't Be Solved with Simple Solutions Confusion Reigns as C-Suite Bemoan Lack of Security Resources Cybersecurity Jobs Added to Government's Shortage Occupation List Cybersecurity: Lessons from Israel DNS rebinding attacks could hit billions of IoT devices Drone Use on the Rise, Public Safety at Risk Entrust Datacard Closes on Thales’ nCipher Security ESET Exposes Turla Malware Attacks on European Diplomats Fines Increase & Enforcements Fall in First Year of GDPR GandCrab Campaign Attacks MySQL Servers GateHub Users Lose $9.7m to Hackers Healthcare Orgs Hit with Destructive Attacks Interview: Dame Inga Beale, Former CEO, Lloyd’s of London Interview: John Merrill, CEO, DigiCert Japan to Restrict Foreign Tech Investment on Security Fears Nearly Half of Phishing Attacks are Polymorphic New Adware Found in 200+ Google Play Apps NSA Warns Windows Users to Upgrade, STAT Over Half of UK Firms Failing on Privacy Compliance Privacy Commissioner Slams Cathay Over Breach Pro-Iran Campaign Spread Fake News During Mid-Terms Report: 50% Increase in Exposed Data in One Year Researchers Find 40,000+ Exposed Containers Online Sextortion Scammers Pose as Corrupt CIA Agents The Changing Face of Cybersecurity: Protecting Consumers and SMEs UK Hasn't Made Sufficient Progress in National Security Strategy UK Universities Facing Daily State-Sponsored Attacks What to Pay for Cybersecurity Professionals? – Cyber Defense Magazine Collecting Threat Intelligence in Cyber Defense Cybersecurity Jobs in the Private vs. Public Sector Departing Employees: A Bigger Threat than Hackers Don’t Get Caught by Ransomware Get Cyber Resilient! Join Kevin Mitnick’s Live Webinar on OSINT and How it’s Used Against You How Security Automation Mixed With an IT Culture Shift Can Prevent Data Leakage from Misconfigured Servers Open Source Intelligence (OSINT): Your Public Frenemy Proxy vs. API CASB: An Overlooked Choice in Cloud Security Safeguarding Your Organization from Attacks via Your Third-Party Vendors Security for Your Holidays Security Forecast: Cloudy with a chance of doom! Snapchat staff used internal tools to spy on users The ‘BlueKeep’ Vulnerability: Keeping Your Systems Secure The Dangers of Backdoor Software Vulnerabilities and How to Mitigate Them Three Cyber Attacks on the Rise According To New Research WMD vs. Cyber Attacks: Similarities Suggesting a Cyber Arms Race Nearly 12 million Quest Diagnostics patients affected by data breach - Help Net Security 2018 in numbers: Data breaches cost $654 billion, expose 2.8 billion data records in the U.S. A veteran's look at the cybersecurity industry and the problems that need solving Advancing transparency and accountability in the cybersecurity industry An intelligence-driven approach to cyber threats BlueKeep RDP flaw: Nearly a million Internet-facing systems are vulnerable Criminals are selling hacking services targeting world’s biggest companies Critical Exim flaw exploitable locally and remotely, patch ASAP! Despite disclosure laws, cybercrime may be widely underreported Embrace chaos to improve cloud infrastructure resilience Global communications service providers struggling to fend off growing number of DDoS attacks Growing reliance on open source libraries leaves many companies vulnerable Hack The Sea: Bridging the gap between hackers and the maritime sector How can we give cybersecurity analysts a helping hand? How likely are weaponized cars? How many adults trust companies with their personal data? How much do you know about your invisible workforce? How organizations are managing vulnerability risks How privileged insiders threaten the security of global organizations Industrial cybersecurity strategies need a radical rethink and should be built from the ground up IoT cyberattacks are the new normal, the security mindset isn't Is AI fundamental to the future of cybersecurity? Is your private equity firm exposed to these hidden IT risks? Majority of CISOs plan to ask for an increase in cybersecurity investment Most global workers noticed stricter policies at work as a result of GDPR New initiative aims to strengthen IoT security, interoperability and reliability Poor data management can cost organizations $20 million each year Researchers fight ransomware attacks by leveraging properties of flash-based storage Researchers spot manipulated photos and video using AI-driven imaging system Scientists uncover vulnerability in FPGAs, affecting cloud services and IoT Security overconfidence and immaturity continue to endanger organizations Structural integrity: Quantifying risk with security measurement Trust nothing: A life in infosec is a life of suspicion Two-thirds of iOS apps don't use App Transport Security Unclassified data creates security blind spots for most companies Why zero trust is crucial to compliance Will biometrics replace passwords for online payment authentication? Workforce diversity key to plugging the IT skills gap Cyber crime widely under-reported, Isaca study shows - ComputerWeekly 2.3 billion business and consumer data files exposed online A lack of skills and ownership are top challenges to OT security Beware of security blind spots in encrypted traffic Business leaders failing to address cyber threats Cyber weapons readily available to criminals, researchers warn Digital transformation an opportunity for security DNS – a security opportunity not to be overlooked, says Nominet Firms face targeted bespoke cyber attacks, dark web study reveals Hackers targeting UK universities a threat to national security Legacy IT systems a significant security challenge London could be world cyber risk leader, says ex-Lloyd’s chief National Cyber Security Strategy mostly failing, says PAC report