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News2 EL DIARIO DEL CISO (THE CISO JOURNAL) Thinking and Working for a Digital Security Leader Welivesecurity Threatpost Goodbye Passwords: Hello Identity Management Joomla and WordPress Found Harboring Malicious Redirect Code Cybersecurity training and awareness: helpful resources for educators EternalBlue reaching new heights since WannaCryptor outbreak Fake cryptocurrency apps crop up on Google Play as bitcoin price rises Ice Hockey World Championship: The risks of free live streaming Patch now! Why the BlueKeep vulnerability is a big deal Plead malware distributed via MitM attacks at router level, misusing ASUS WebStorage What the ban on facial recognition tech will – and will not – do Millions of Golfers Land in Privacy Hazard After Cloud Misconfig News Wrap: Which Companies Are Doing Privacy Right and Which Aren't? Ransomware 'Remediation' Firm Exposed; Researchers Weigh in on Paying Shade Ransomware Expands to U.S. Targets Snapchat Privacy Blunder Piques Concerns About Insider Threats Securereading YThehackersnews Google Stored Passwords of G Suite Customers in Plaintext for 14 Years Magecart Card Skimmer found on Forbes Magazine Subscription Website New GandCrab Ransomware Campaign Targets MySQL Servers on Windows New Satan Ransomware Variant Utilize Cryptominer Malware as an Additional Payload Researcher Publicly Disclosed Exploit Code for Three Microsoft Zero-Days Stack Overflow Q&A Platform Suffers a Data Breach WhatsApp Critical Flaw Allowed Installation of Spyware on to Phones 'GozNym' Banking Malware Gang Dismantled by International Law Enforcement Core Elastic Stack Security Features Now Available For Free Users As Well Hackers Breach Stack Overflow Q&A Site, Some Users' Data Exposed Microsoft Releases Patches For A Critical 'Wormable Flaw' and 78 Other Issues Update: Hacker Disclosed 4 New Microsoft Zero-Day Exploits in Last 24 Hours US Tech Giants Google, Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom Break Up With Huawei Cybertalk Securityboulevard 2 year anniversary of Wannacry gives the gift that keeps giving Cryptic encryptions leave cyber security experts mystified Dialing up mobile security DNC and RNC improve CND Governor votes for uncensored truth, but FBI keeps details secret Winning with innovative defense 4 Essential Skills for Modern CISOs to Succeed Russia's ‘Fake News’ Swirls in U.S. and Europe The Guide To A CEOs First Board-Level Cybersecurity Report Verizon Cybersecurity Report: Sweat the Small Stuff WhatsApp Zero-Day Let NSO Spyware Pwn Phones Nakedsecurity Securitynow Monday review – the hot 18 stories of the week Monday review – the hot 20 stories of the week The city of Baltimore is being held hostage by ransomware Two people indicted for massive Anthem health data breach CEO told to hand back 757,000 fraudulently obtained IP addresses DevSecOps Enables Security to Finally Move at the Speed of the Business How to Stop Insider Breaches From Becoming the Norm Monster Breaches Do Monstrous Damage Strategic Security Equals Faster Digital Transformation Study Digs the Dirt on US Cyber Hygiene BBC Techtarget British Transport Police website hacked Hackers interrupt Israeli Eurovision webcast with faked explosions WhatsApp hack: Is any app or computer truly secure? Would you pay $1m for a laptop full of malware? 'BlueKeep' Windows Remote Desktop flaw gets PoC exploits Building a cybersecurity awareness training program IT pros stress importance of security awareness training Lawjournalnewsletters Zdnet Data Security Ethics and Best Practices for Court Reporters Safeguarding Client Data: An Attorney’s Duty to Provide ‘Reasonable’ Security The Nice-to-Haves and Need-to-Haves of Cloud Computing Faulty database script brings Salesforce to its knees Microsoft: 'We're detecting 5 billion cybersecurity threats on devices a month' Unsecured server exposes data for 85% of all Panama citizens Deloitte Dataprivacysecurityinsider Boards engage with CIOs on strategy, risk, and performance Communicating the value of cyber to health care boards Cyber, Cyber Everywhere - Risk & Compliance Journal For Health and Life Sciences Companies, Cybersecurity is not Just an IT Issue FBI Flash: Ryuk Ransomware Continues to Attack U.S. Businesses Privacy Tip #191 - Trying to Protect Your Medical Information—Let’s Ask Questions About Data Security The WhatsApp Hack – Practice Good Phone Hygiene and Update Your Apps Other News A Ransomware Victim Shares His Story An effective cybersecurity strategy for an ICS environment should apply a layered protection Best Strategies to Communicate Cybersecurity Risk to the Board Edge Computing Is a Big Deal—Are You Ready for It? FBI, DHS Investigate Malware Attack in Ada County, Idaho Is a New Wave of Cryptocurrencies Coming Soon? GDPR one year on -- what have we learned and what happens next? How has GDPR actually affected businesses? How to become a cybersecurity pro: A cheat sheet In Light of Ever-Increasing Cybersecurity Risks, Boards Must Deepen Their Oversight and Engagement Incident averted: Slack patches security hole that would let criminals hijack downloaded docs. Influential Hacker Has Tips on How to Do Cybersecurity Better Law firms report increase in staff-related security incidents Oversight and Management of Cybersecurity Risks for Board of Directors/Decision Makers Paid Program: Cybersecurity Is “Commanders’ Business” Phisher folk reel in Computacenter security vetting mailbox packed with sensitive staff data Phishing: Mitigating Risk, Minimizing Damage Rattled by Cyberattacks, Hospitals Push Device Makers to Improve Security SecurityRoundtable.org Seize the chance to boost your IT security skills: Trio of training events to choose from The changing landscape of cybersecurity The Cybersecurity Industry's Third-Party Risk Management Problem Is Rooted in Visibility The GDPR: A year in review The Impact of Microsoft’s Latest Legacy Patch and Basic RDP Security UNESCO promotes gender equality in AI. Roadmap to Zero Trust Crowdsourced Security Testing www.cisos.club [email protected]