El Diario del CISO El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 1 - Page 5

EL DIARIO DEL CISO (THE CISO JOURNAL) Pensando y Trabajando por un Líder de Seguridad Digital Data Breach Collection Contains 773 Million Unique Emails Australian security expert Troy Hunt says an 87 GB compilation of username and password combinations - drawn from more than 2,000 databases - includes 773 million unique email addresses, for apparent use in credential- stuffing attacks. A New View of Threat Intelligence: The Last Line of Defense Airline Booking System Exposed Passenger Details Dharma Gang Pushes Phobos Crypto-Locking Ransomware Emotet Malware Returns to Work After Holiday Break Facebook Deletes More Bogus Accounts Linked to Russia Feds Urge Private Sector ’Shields Up’ Against Hackers France Hits Google With $57 Million GDPR Fine German Police Identify Suspect Behind Massive Data Leak Germany's Mega-Leak Takeaway: Noisy Young Hacker Got Caught Government Shutdown: Experts Fear Deep Cybersecurity Impact Hackers Leak Hundreds of German Politicians' Personal Data Hackers Wield Commoditized Tools to Pop West African Banks Hard-Coded Credentials Found in ID, Access Control Software Insider Trading: SEC Describes $4.1 Million Hacking Scheme Making the Case for Zero-Trust Security Marriott Mega-Breach: Victim Count Drops to 383 Million Neiman Marcus Settles Lawsuit Over Payment Card Breach Ransom Moves: The Dark Overlord Keeps Pressuring Victims Ransomware Claims to Fund Child Cancer Treatments Report: FTC Considers Fine Against Facebook 'Right to Be Forgotten' Should Be EU-Only, Adviser Says Solving 3rd Party Cybersecurity Risk UK Sentences Man for Mirai DDoS Attacks Against Liberia Webinar Your Garage Opener Is More Secure Than Industrial Remotes Sunset of Windows Server 2008: Migrate with Docker Police Arrest IOTA Cryptocurrency Theft Suspect The Application Security Team's Framework For Upgrading Legacy Applications 5 Malware Trends: Emotet Is Hot, Cryptominers Decline DHS Issues More Urgent Warning on DNS Hijacking How to build a better CISO - Help Net Security The technology industry has long been categorized by its ability to transform at the blink of an eye. 2019 cybersecurity workforce: Recruiting vs. re-skilling 43% of businesses are still running Windows 7, security threats remain 773 million records exposed in massive data breach 90% of companies face significant obstacles with digital transformation A new taxonomy for SCADA attacks Compromised ad company serves Magecart skimming code to hundreds of websites Cyber risk management and return on deception investment Email security predictions: What we can expect in 2019 Four cybersecurity trends every CIO should know Hackers who DDoSed African telecom and US hospital get long prison sentences How IT organizations are transforming to meet the demands of the digital economy New requirements for the secure design and development of modern payment software Risk managers see cybersecurity as the biggest threat to business Security analytics to reach $12 billion by 2024 SmokeLoader malware downloader enters list of most wanted malware The costs of cyberattacks increased 52% to $1.1 million Why security by design and security DevOps are so critical to success The most effective security strategies to guard sensitive information 83% of global respondents experienced phishing attacks in 2018 PHP PEAR supply chain attack: Backdoor added to installer Cyberattacks fueled by geopolitical tension are increasing Cybercriminals increasingly taking aim at businesses Business resilience should be a core company strategy, so why are businesses struggling to take action? Cybercrime could cost companies trillions over the next five years The 5 Stages of CISO Success, Past & Future In cybersecurity, as in history, security leaders who forget the lessons of the past will be doomed to repeat them. 2018's Most Common Vulnerabilities Include Issues ... 773 Million Email Addresses, 21 Million Passwords ... Are You Listening to Your Kill Chain? Cryptomining Continues to Be Top Malware Threat Hijacking a PLC Using its Own Network Features New Attacks Target Recent PHP Framework Vulnerability Oklahoma Data Leak Compromises Years of FBI Data Online Fraud: Now a Major Application Layer ... Redefining Critical Infrastructure for the Age of ... Report: Bots Add Volume to Account Takeover Attacks SEC Issues Charges in 'Edgar' Database Hack Simulating Lateral Attacks Through Email The Security Perimeter Is Dead; Long Live the New ... Triton/Trisis Attack Was More Widespread Than ... VC Investments in Cybersecurity Hit Record Highs in ... 'We Want IoT Security Regulation,' Say 95% of IT ... Why Cyberattacks Are the No. 1 Risk Cisco Study Finds Fewer Data Breaches at GDPR-Ready ... Database of 24 Million Mortgage, Loan Records Left ... Collateral Damage: When Cyberwarfare Targets ... Enterprise Malware Detections Up 79% as Attackers ... Think Twice Before Paying a Ransom Google Creates Online Phishing Quiz Internet Society to Issue Privacy Code of Conduct Security Talent Continues to Fetch Top Dollar on IT ... Shadow IT, IaaS & the Security Imperative Top 10 IT security stories of 2018 - computerweekly.com Search Data Center. HCI, acquisitions led 2018 data center news. London cyber innovation centre expands global ties Name and shame firms with poor cyber security, government told Public procurement key to cyber security Ransomware in decline, report confirms Crime stats show switch in focus by cyber criminals Budding UK cyber strategists gear up for national competition UK cyber security agency investigates DNS hijacking New tech putting sensitive data at risk, report confirms UK police target hundreds of DDoS attackers Unconfigured IoT is a security risk, warns researcher Global cyber attack could cost up to $193bn, study shows How the government shutdown impacts the nation's security EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: If your company was in a temporary stall waiting for a Anatomy of how Russia penetrated the US electric grid At the White House, good cybersecurity is still a challenge CryptoMix ransomware takes an altruistic angle - not Cyber insurance firm refuses to pay up for NotPetya DX.Exchange trading site leaks user data Employee unwittingly interviews for job with hackers Supersized password breach affects 773 million Supreme Court foregoes hearing Fiat Chrysler appeal in cybersecurity case WEF: Cyberattacks, data breaches among top global threats