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EL DIARIO DEL CISO (THE CISO JOURNAL) Pensando y Trabajando por un Líder de Seguridad Digital International InfoSec & Cybersecurity News What is a CISO? Responsibilities and requirements for this vital role | CSO Online The chief information security officer (CISO) is the executive responsible for an organization's information and data security. 12 famous passwords used through the ages 2 critical ways regulations and frameworks weaken cybersecurity 2019 will be the year of cloud-based cybersecurity analytics/operations 4 tips to mitigate Slack security risks 8 phishing emails and why you’ll fall for them (or not) Australian emergency warning system hacked, thousands receive alerts Breaches, market volatility and the government shutdown: Security in the crosshairs Data Privacy Day 2019 Ethereum cryptocurrency suspended after attackers steal nearly $1.1M Harness the NIST CSF to boost your security and compliance Hijacked Nest camera blares warning about North Korean missiles How cyber competitions can help fill the cybersecurity talent shortage How Facebook's privacy woes might change the rules of the road in 2019 How to protect backups from ransomware How to reduce security staff turnover? Focus on culture and people Redefining the Cloud and Cloud Security Take time to think about security amidst the greatest gadget show on the planet The 2018 Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of Salsify The cybersecurity skills shortage is getting worse The most interesting and important hacks of 2018 The State of Software Security is Still a Challenge The three most important ways to defend against security threats Vulnerabilities in building access system used by schools, governments What is malware? Viruses, worms, trojans, and beyond What is spear phishing? Why targeted email attacks are so difficult to stop Why AI-based threat detection hasn’t taken over the market … yet Why you need a digital forensics team (and the skills to look for) Wireless carriers still selling Americans’ real-time location data Multi-vector attacks target cloud-hosted technologies CISO Hiring Guides: Find and Engage Cybersecurity Talent 51GB of financial data leaked from server not protected by password Ursnif Trojan is back with fileless persistence What is a supply chain attack? Why you should be wary of third-party providers Analyzing 2018 Attacks to Prepare for Those in 2019 | SecurityWeek.Com A new report from Check Point discusses major cyber incidents from 2018. From these data points, Check Point's analysts look for current trends in malware and attacks, in order to prepare for 2019's future attacks. Bulgaria Extradites Russian Hacker to US: Embassy Flaw in Reservation System Impacts Many Airlines Impact of U.S. Government Shutdown on Cybersecurity: Feedback Friday Pessimism Pervades World Economic Forum Annual Survey Portuguese Hacker Linked to 'Football Leaks' Held in Hungary Security in an IoT World: Your Big Data Problem is Getting Bigger Skill Squatting: The Next Consumer IoT Nightmare? GDPR Compliance Brings Other Benefits: Cisco Study Enhance Your Security Posture Through Security Services Understand More About Phishing Techniques to Reduce Your Digital Risk The Devil You Know - How Idioms Can Relate to Information Security The Geopolitical Influence on Business Risk Management WEF: Cyber Attacks a Major Global Risk for Next Decade - Infosecurity Magazine The vast majority of senior decision makers across the globe expect data theft and cyber-disruption to increase in 2019, according to the latest report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2018 Proved Highest Funding Year for Cybersecurity BSIA Publishes Guidelines to Reduce Exposure to Digital Sabotage Bug Bounties Aren’t Silver Bullet for Better Security: Report City of Del Rio Hit by Ransomware Attack CyberFirst Girls 2019 Kicks Off Next Week Don't Fall for the WhatsApp Gold Scam Global Firms Face $5tr in Cybercrime Losses Hackers Use PayPal to Phish with Ransomware Lessons from League of Legends Part 2: Focusing on the Goal Malware Evades Detection One Step at a Time New Magecart Group Hits Hundreds of Sites Via Supply Chain New Year, New Features for Fallout EK Orgs Slow to Advance IoT Security Researchers Find 87GB Trove of Breached Log-Ins Singapore Airlines Warns of Phishing Scam The Retail Industry’s Third-Party Data Breach Problem Three Flaws in Schneider Electric Charging Stations UK Banks Finally Issue New Cards After Ticketmaster Breach Using Offender Profiling Techniques in Security Operations Would Cybersecurity Professionals Make the Best DPOs More Money, More Worries About Cyber Risk Consumers Terrified After Hackers Worm into Nests Cybercrime More Common than Offline Theft Experts Discover Modular “Anatova” Ransomware Emotet Trojan Targets Education, Gov & Healthcare 2018: The Year of Next-Generation Attacks US Confirms Huawei CFO Extradition Plans Google’s €50m GDPR Fine Heralds a New Era Active Cyber Defence Should Be Rolled Out UK-Wide: Report Hacker Demos Jailbreak of iOS on iPhone X Only 13% cybercrime detection in two years - ET CISO Every day about three to four cases of cybercrime are being registered in the city on an average, but detection rates remain pathetic. 6 apps that can hack your Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram data Beware, fake insurance company agents may be calling you ces 2019: Privacy becomes a selling point at CES 2019 Cyber-security trends to look out for in 2019 cybersecurity: Demand for cybersecurity first responders rises as salaries shoot up Focus on data safety to push realty demand German data breach prompts calls for improved online security Over 700 million email IDs hacked, here’s how you can check if yours is in the list Venture capital funding of cybersecurity firms hit record high in 2018 cyber security: Enterprises must be prepared for mega cyber attacks: Check Point CEO Skybox Security: Cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilty trends in APAC for 2019