eGaming Review January 2014 | Page 96

SPONSORED EDITORIAL S C I X X X XF I C G A M E S XX ENTI X SLOTS COMPANY FOCUS Scientific Games and WMS as one Steve Beason explains how the merger of Scientific Games and WMS is a winner for more choice, flexibility and reach M any industry observers believe the combined force of Scientific Games (SG) and WMS may well change the face of lottery and gaming, and the evolving iLottery and egaming industries. As the two firms finalised their union this past October, Scientific Games’ enterprise CTO Steve Beason couldn’t help but agree. “Most mergers occur either to increase the scope or scale of a company’s operations. What’s really unique and exciting about this merger is that it’s both. It adds to what we do today and it’s truly transformative for the future – creating one game-changing powerhouse in the industry.” Below, Beason talks candidly about a united SG-WMS, and the renaissance it will bring to the lottery, gaming and interactive world with more choice, flexibility and reach for operators and the customers they serve. eGaming Review (eGR): How will the acquisition be positive for your lottery and gaming customers? Steve Beason (SB): The breadth of platforms, products and services we now offer our customers is second to none – covering everything from mobile and social, to casinos and cross-channel product licensing. We look to be the best in every single one of those areas, providing our customers with a portfolio of services and content library that gives them the flexibility to choose the best mix of products for their players. Steve Beason is enterprise chief technology officer for Scientific Games.  A 25-year veteran of the lottery industry, Steve ensures the effective execution of the company’s technology strategy worldwide and is the key executive in determining the next generation of technology offered to customers 94 eGR: How will the combined company continue to deliver technology and content to customers? SB: Combining our research and development, our general administrative areas, and addin g our shared strengths in the area of licensing, I’m excited about the opportunity to offer new and enhanced products and technology. Some of our best-selling instant games in the lottery space and slot titles in the gaming space are Hasbro® brands. We can leverage a brand from one of the companies across all of a customer’s touch points. We now have the ability to have WMS proprietary brands, like Reel ‘em In!® and Jackpot Party® be promoted on an instant game. We can then take that instant game and leverage it for additional play on the internet where permitted by laws and regulations. Most mergers occur to increase the scope or scale of a company’s operations. What’s really unique and exciting about this merger is that it’s both Overall, there’s going to be a lot more convergence and crossselling of our products both here and internationally. In the area of iLottery and egaming, we’re looking at where lotteries and casinos are headed and the way players will engage on the interactive channel. The whole loyalty side of iLottery and sports wagering will be important, especially on the international front but also, as it relates to iLottery, in North America. eGR: What strengths does each company bring to the table? SB: Scientific Games has a large transaction-based gaming systems background – we’re able to leverage that in both egaming and iLottery. WMS has been very successful, particularly in the social casual W W. A space O C R A their Jackpot Party® Social C O N T A C T : W mobile R I S T where T