eGaming Review January 2014 - Page 83

KALIXA GROUP SPONSORED EDITORIAL PAYMENTS FOCUS The challenges of playing and paying Kamran Hedjri, COO of Kalixa Group shares his thoughts on the big challenges gaming operators face around payments T hroughout my career in payments, I’ve been involved in discussions about the challenges the online gaming industry faces and they always fall into one, or more, of the following three categories: How can people pay money in easily? How can people take money out easily? How can I improve efficiency? Let’s explore these and how they can be solved. Cashing in Challenge number one is related to new business, which is always going to be a priority. It’s not enough for gaming operators to encourage traffic to their websites; they have to convert visitors into players. It should be a simple and straightforward experience to create an account and load funds into it no matter what the user’s chosen payment method or global location is. If your site doesn’t allow this, you are turning potential players away and handing them on a plate to competitors. With so many different ways to make payments and with gaming operators looking to expand globally, this is where Kalixa comes in. We offer over 200 payment options, genuinely giving something for everyone. By offering a seamless brand and cashier experience we help more people load funds. Getting new business is crucial and it’s not going to happen if potential customers are immediately turned off by unfamiliar and difficult to use payment methods. Kamran Hedjri is COO of Kalixa Group and a payment industry pioneer with 18 years of experience. Kamran spearheaded Kalixa’s entry into acceptance, processing and issuing and helped the company win the eGR Innovation in Payment Solutions award in 2010 and 2011. Cashing out Success isn’t just about getting new business, though. It’s also about retaining business by ensuring the best customer experience possible. One way that this can be achieved is by allowing players to access their winnings easily and swiftly. This is a big issue for many players – solving it will stand you out from the crowd. Kalixa has the answer to this too. One of the options we offer to gaming operators is Kalixa Pay – our eWallet. Using Kalixa Pay, players can transfer their winnings instantly to their Kalixa eWallet and start spending with their Kalixa pre-paid MasterCard® online and on the high street. We also offer swift MasterCard®, Visa and Maestro payments, as well as payments direct into bank accounts. It’s up to each gaming operator as to how quickly they want gamers to be able to access their money, but if you want to beat the competition and provide instant access, Kalixa can help. Increasing efficiency and reducing cost The final challenge is efficiency. As you’ll know, there are often a variety of different companies involved in each aspect of the payments chain. And with each different company, complexity increases and efficiency decreases. Kalixa has developed its own unique payments ecosystem. This ecosystem takes care of every aspect of the payments chain: gateway, merchant account, acquiring and issuing, meaning that efficiency is increased and the risk associated with unnecessary complexity is decreased. Our ecosystem isn’t the only feature of Kalixa that can increase ef