eGaming Review January 2014 | Page 88

SPONSORED EDITORIAL N E K TA N MOBILE GAMING Perspective on mobile gaming Gary Shaw, of NEKTAN, talks to eGaming Review about the company’s role in the mobile gaming industry N EKTAN has recently surfaced in the mobile gaming industry. eGaming Review interviews its founder and executive chairman to get to know the company a little better. eGaming Review (eGR): For the mobile slot gamer there is obviously a lot of choice in the games available to play. What would you say is NEKTAN’s most exciting slot game, and what makes it stand out? Gary Shaw (GS): I question that there is lot of choice when you look at the mobile offerings in the market. Sure, there are some good games, but quality is variable and it’s obvious who has invested in mobile and who has not. Right now we’re really happy with how League of Dragons is performing on William Hill Vegas. The double progressive and integrated skill bonus rounds make it stand out from the crowd and importantly generate healthy returns to the operator. eGR: Is there anything else in NEKTAN’s catalogue that you feel readers should know about? GS: At ICE we’re launching a suite of 14 brand