EFSC Foundation Newsletter August 2018

Volume 3 August 2018 Allison Schroeder speaks at EFSC Melbourne Campus A llison Schroeder is a member of the Writers Guild of America, BAFTA, and Oscar-nominated screenwriter for the film Hidden Figures, which tells the true story of three female African-American mathematicians at NASA during the Cold War. She also won the Humanitas and Veritas Awards for her writing on the film. Allison drew from her own experiences working at NASA and her studies in math as she adapted the book into the screenplay. Allison grew up in Melbourne near NASA at Cape Canaveral where both her grandmother and grandfather worked as engineers in the 1960s and 1970s. She watched shuttle launches, visited her grandmother in the Vehicle Assembly Building, and played on a Mercury capsule prototype. In high school, she interned for NASA’s NURTURE Math and Science Program and worked for a launch company after her freshman year of college. Allison attended Stanford University where she graduated with a degree in economics with coursework in math and statistics. Many of the experiences in Hidden Figures, such as a teacher telling a student that he couldn’t teach a woman math, happened to Allison during her studies. She also had a second major in Film & Visual Narrative that covered writing, theater, photography and film studies. While at Stanford, she studied abroad at Oxford University in England where she wrote, directed, choreographed and produced her first musical. Allison will tell her story Tuesday, Nov. 27, at 9:30 a.m., at the King Center for the Performing Arts on the Melbourne Campus as part of the Simpkins Entrepreneur Series. Entry is FREE and all community members are welcome. For more information, call Kelly Richardson, (321) 433-7053. Allison Schroeder, Oscar Nominated Screenwriter and Melbourne Native. Director’s Minute Dear Titan Friends, The Foundation counts on YOU – the support of our alumni, local businesses and Titan friends – to help students realize their career goals. We’re grateful that you and others allow us to financially support our students. We created 10 new scholarships this year and helped over 700 students, which is 28% more than last year! If you live in Brevard County, you have been touched by an EFSC graduate: A dental hygienist, nurse, computer tech, engineering tech, EMT, firefighter, police officer, cosmetologist, sonographer, HVAC technician, and more. If you are interested in supporting student scholarships or other college initiatives, please contact our offices at (321) 433-7055. Enjoy the lazy days of summer! Jennie Kriete Director, EFSC Foundation PHOTO: JUDY WENDELL FN61816