EFSC Foundation Newsletter April 2020

Volume 6 April 2020 Director’s Minute Dear Titan Friends, We all live history every day, but a global pandemic is a point in time that we will remember and share in the decades to come. We can look at these times as dire, or we can pivot our outlook to see the unanticipated benefits. Many have embraced this opportunity to delve into projects put aside due to busyness, to play board games with family, to Facetime those they cannot visit, to help others with their daily needs and, most of all, to stay hopeful. After this storm passes, I am sure we will be called to a new norm that will, in my humble opinion, securely unite us. I am anticipating a call for kindness, compassion, renewed relationships and stronger connections with those we love. Rest assured that the EFSC Foundation is doing its part part to assist in these uncertain times. The future relies on the continuing education of our students. Be well, and stay healthy. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]. Thank you, Jennie Kriete - Director, EFSC Foundation FN4204