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Understanding college terminology helps with planning , saves you time and is important to your success as a student .
Earn a
• Update your skills
• Enter the workforce
College Credit Certificate : Short-term career education program that is part of an AS degree . Career and Technical Certificates ( CTC ) are also available to prepare students for entry level employment in specific career fields .
( or less )
Earn an
Associate ' s Degree
• Enter the workforce
• Increase earnings
• Prepare to start a bachelor ' s degree
Associate in Arts Degree ( AA ): A two-year degree in general education designed for transfer to a university . This degree requires a minimum of 60 credit hours and a cumulative GPA of 2.0 . Associate in Science Degree ( AS ): A two-year technical degree designed to gain skills to prepare to enter the workforce . This degree contains some general education coursework that is transferable .
Earn a
Bachelor ' s Degree
• Enter the workforce
• Increase earnings
• Advance your career
• Transfer to graduate school
Bachelor of Applied Science ( BAS ): A four-year degree designed to accommodate the unique demands for entry into and advancement within specific workforce sectors .
Meta Major : Meta Major : A broad category of study . There are eight Academic Pathways ( or Meta Majors ) defined by the State of Florida ; and our programs are organized in these pathways .
Arts & Humanities
Health &
Public Safety
Science & Technology
Social Sciences
Specializations : Tracks that offer unique coursework to help you meet your career and academic goals within certain degrees .
Terms : The length of time that you take a college class . This word is used interchangeably with Semesters . See the example on page five for Fall and Spring Terms .
Transfer : 2 + 2 Pathways - Students who earn a two-year Associate in Arts Degree at EFSC are guaranteed admission into one of the state ’ s 12 universities to complete a four-year baccalaureate degree . EFSC ’ s Transfer GPS ( Graduation Pathway for Success ) and FloridaShines . org are designed to prepare students for transfer to a Florida public university or college .
For more help with terminology , visit easternflorida . edu / go / glossary 4