Education Viewbook - Page 4

Griffins always rise to the occasion, both in life and work. Check out the Griffins who’ve been making a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic. Victoria Hercolini '15 Victoria is a history teacher at Austin Meehan Middle School in Northeast Philadelphia and has had to adapt her teaching style to fit the needs of her students in an online environment. Jihan Latimer '20 During COVID-19, Jihan has been working on distributing her inspirational books to anyone who is struggling during the pandemic and need positivity. She is an avid writer, and her books range from graphic novels to fiction novels. Her next writing project is a Halloween book for middle schoolers to distribute this fall. Tim Smyth '08 Tim currently works with the U.S. State Department in a virtual exchange program. They are working with educators in impoverished areas on every continent, excluding Antarctica. They are showing them how to increase student engagement and literacy skills using comic books and showing how storytelling through comics can empower children around the world through our shared values of humanity. “We teachers are doing everything we can to keep our kiddos learning, growing, and staying positive! We’ve had to completely change the way we teach, how we reach students, and supporting families at home.” - Victoria Hercolini '15 "It’s been an amazing experience working alongside these educators who are also sharing about their struggles with quarantine and the global pandemic. It has really enforced that we are truly one world and we all share so much in common.” - Tim Smyth '08