Education Report 2020 8-17-2020 | Page 7

Sensory Bags & Quiet Zones Following the opening of the ENS, the Zoo partnered with Birmingham-based nonprofit KultureCity to earn their Sensory-Inclusive certification. As part of this process, we introduced sensory bags (backpacks containing a weighted lap pad, noise-canceling headphones, “fidget toys” and other items) that may help individuals with unique sensory-processing needs get the most out of their Zoo experience. They are available for checkout at no charge in two locations at the Zoo. The Zoo has also earmarked several “quiet zones” (low-traffic areas where guests can escape the sometimes chaotic atmosphere of the Zoo) to decompress. Both amenities are utilized on a daily basis. Very Special Arts Each spring, roughly 1,000 children from Brevard Public Schools’ Exceptional Student Education program descend upon the Zoo for this three-day festival. Participants make and display art of all kinds and Zoo guests are encouraged to join in on the fun. 6