Education News Spring 2018 - Page 24

Research funding SIDRU RESEARCH FUNDING Dr. Kathy Nolan More Math in the Middle: Exploring TIFA Internship Learning Communities for Middle Years Teachers of Mathematics $7,135.00. Dr. Alexandra Stoddart Preparing for Physical Literacy: Exploring Post-Internship Students’ Understanding of Physical Literacy and its Role in the Saskatchewan Physical Education Curriculum $4,065.00 Dr. Alayne Armstrong Emergent Technological Practices of Middle School Students with Mathematics Learning Disabilities Who Use Mobile Technology $8,800.00 Dr. JoLee Blackbear Indigenous Wellness and Traditional Medicines’ $10,000.00 Dr. Anna-Leah King and Dr. Andrea Sterzuk A study of land-based and ceremonial mentor-apprentice approach to Saulteaux language revitalization $10,000.00 Dr. Angela Snowshoe Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being: Story Sciencing with the More-Than-Human World $10,000.00 SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES RESEARCH COUNCIL (SSHRC) Dr. Cindy Hanson is the successful applicant for a SSHRC Insight Grant. Co-applicants on the grant include Dr. Leah Levac (Guelph) Dr. Amy Bombay (Dalhousie), Dr. Raven Sinclair (U of Regina) and Cynthia Stirby (SFU). Reconciling Perspectives and Building Public Memory: Learning from the Independent Assessment Process $268,000. Dr. Andrea Sterzuk is the successful applicant for a SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant. Co- applicants on the grant include Dr. Anna-Leah King, and Cheryl Quewezance, Yorkton Tribal Council in partnership with Keeseekoose First Nation. A study of a land-based and ceremonial mentor-apprenctice approach to Saulteaux language revitalization $25,000 New Book: Dissident Knowledge in Higher Education Book Cover (Photo: Marc Spooner) Rosalind Gill Linda Tuhiwai Smith Noam Chomsky Yvonna Lincoln Peter McLaren Niessen Hot off the press, Dissident Knowledge in Higher Education, edited by Drs. Marc Spooner and James McNinch, pulls together the papers and discussions presented at the Public Engagement and the Politics of Evidence pre-symposium (2014-2015) and symposium (July, 2015) hosted by the University of Regina. Along with the preface and introduction by Marc Spooner and James McNinch, Dissident Knowledge includes a foreward by Leonardo Zeus, and chapters by Noam Chomsky, Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Yvonna Lincoln, Norman Denzin, Michelle Fine, Budd Hall, Patti Lather, Marie Battiste, Eve Tuck, Sandy Grande, Rosalind Gill, Joel Westheimer, Christopher Meyers and Peter McLaren, which “delve into the effects of colonialism, neoliberalism, and audit culture on higher education” and offer “promising avenues of resistance” (University of Regina Press). Norman Denzin Christopher Meyers Leonardo Zeus Sandy Grande Patti Lather Eve Tuck Marc Spooner Michelle Fine James McNinch Marie Battiste Budd Hall Joel Westheimer Spooner, M., & McNinch, J. (Eds.).(2018). Dissident knowledge in higher education, Regina, SK: University of Regina Press (352 pages). Page 24