Education News Spring 2018 - Page 22

New faculty and staff A le x a n dr a S to d dar t A r l y s s e Q uir in g Dr. Alexandra Stoddart recently completed her PhD in Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan before joining the University of Regina in January 2018. Prior to her PhD, she completed her Masters of Kinesiology specializing in Motor Learning from the University of Western Ontario and her Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from Eastern Michigan University. She is a certified Michigan teacher in K-12 Physical Education, Grades 6-12 English and a certified Saskatchewan teacher. Arlysse Quiring joined the Faculty of Education Student Services in November, 2017. She completed her Bachelor of Music in Bassoon Performance in 2008 at the University of Regina. Dr. Stoddart currently teaches in the Health, Outdoor, and Physical Education (HOPE) subject area. She enjoys the opportunity to work with students in both the elementary and secondary programs. As well-being and mental health become prominent topics in today’s society, the value of the HOPE subject area becomes more evident. Living an active, healthy lifestyle affects the whole ‘self’, and the HOPE subject area is fortunate to work with students in this capacity. Arlysse teaches music lessons in her home studio, specializing in bassoon, beginner voice, beginner piano, music theory and history, as well as teaching master classes and workshops in schools across the province. She continues to play bassoon with both the Regina Symphony Orchestra and her co-founded classical pop quartet, Artime ( Arlysse also volunteers with local music groups like the Regina Community Orchestra. Stoddart’s research focuses on physical literacy, and more specifically developing physical literacy through physical education. She has had the pleasure of working with several school divisions, administrators, teachers, and students in the province. Physical literacy affects all individuals, and Alexandra looks forward to continuing her research on how to assist everyone along their physical literacy journeys. Since physical literacy can be developed in various ways, her future research will also involve developing physical literacy through the school, the home, and community avenues. In what little spare time remains, Arlysse can be found dabbling in commissioned artwork and jewelry, freelance writing, or with her nose in a book. Following her graduation, Arlysse worked in operational roles including administration for the Regina Public Library Film Theatre and management of the Regina Symphony Orchestra. Prior to the Faculty of Education, she worked in the Faculty of Engineering in Undergraduate Services. L i n d a Ji a n g Linda Jiang joined the Faculty of Education as Graduate Program Coordinator in February 2018. Prior to the Faculty of Education, Linda served in a number of positions at the University of Regina, including UR International, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, and Faculty of Engineering. Linda completed her Bachelor of English Education in Anhui, China and pursued her Master of Education at University of Western Australia. Linda has extensive international educational experience in higher education. For example, she has worked as International Program Coordinator for Anhui Provincial Government, China as well as designing and implementing programs for the Confucius Institute here at the University of Regina. Linda and her family moved to Saskatchewan in 2011, quickly coming to recognize Regina as her home. Linda loves the availability of space and clean air Regina has to offer. For Linda, Regina has provided the opportunity to develop and mature in both personal and professional facets of her life. Growing up in a family of educators has made teaching and learning her passion, and she welcomes each new opportunity to participate in community life. Education Students’ Society The Education Students’ Society Executive was extremely active this fall and winter terms, hosting numerous events including Pancake Breakfasts, a Free Bowling Party, Halloween Beer and Pizza in the Loun ge, Winter and Spring Galas, Texas King and Question Period at the Owl, and Becoming a Yogi. Thank you for all your hard work! Page 22