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ENroute Yearbook 2019-20

Welcome to the ENroute Yearbook 2019 – 20

When I wrote my introduction to last year ’ s edition of ENroute I expressed my appreciation for the support , energy and collective enthusiasm of colleagues in DLTE who drive excellence in learning and teaching at Edinburgh Napier University . I also referred to the collaborations between staff and students , and the cross-disciplinary and interprofessional practices that create a stimulating environment in which we all continue to learn . And then came COVID-19 and our professional and personal lives changed almost overnight . We ended face-to-face teaching in a matter of days and moved material , activities and assessments online while working from home and trying to keep life as normal as possible under very abnormal circumstances . We all worked tirelessly to meet these new challenges and not only did we continue to teach our students , we also continued to learn from each other .
Professor Alyson Tobin , Vice Principal for Learning and Teaching
This year ’ s ENroute Yearbook is an opportunity to recognise and to celebrate some of the fabulous , creative and innovative teaching that has been developed and shared over the past year . DLTE and the networks of staff who have gladly given their time and expertise have been at the heart of this programme of work .
The sign of a good team is one that pulls together when things get difficult . I am very proud of the teamwork that has been at the forefront of these developments and I am immensely grateful to everyone who has supported colleagues and students with their shared expertise and professionalism , together with good measures of kindness and patience in these very uncertain times .
Professor Alyson Tobin Vice Principal for Learning and Teaching