Edinburgh Napier University: ENroute Yearbook 2020 Edition - Page 16

ENroute Yearbook 2019-20

A Final Word from the University ENroute Lead

Having joined the University in September last year , ENroute presented an exciting prospect for me to be involved with as I began my role . It is something I have come to value extremely highly in being able to recognise the incredible and varied work of colleagues across the University in supporting the learning of our students . Our extensive group of mentors and reviewers give their time to support ENroute and its participants in their journey toward recognition of their practice , and working with them has been an absolute pleasure . I would like to thank all our mentors and reviewers for the time they commit and the knowledge and expertise they bring to make ENroute the success it is . I would also like to thank Louise McCarte , the ENroute administrator , for her outstanding commitment to , and support of , ENroute and the colleagues who participate in the scheme . Thanks are also due to my colleague and ENroute mentoring lead , Dr Ingeborg van Knippenberg . Ing , also
Cameron Graham , ENroute University Lead ,
Senior Fellow
started at Edinburgh Napier during the last academic year and has embraced her role in leading the mentoring aspect of ENroute working creatively and enthusiastically to further support our mentors and participants in working toward recognition .
While this year saw many changes to our lives and working practices , ENroute adapted to these challenges in shifting our mentoring support and dialogues online , while also successfully piloting a new intensive approach to recognition , with all of those involved gaining a category of Fellowship . At present , we are working toward re-accreditation of ENroute in March 2021 and we welcome views from across the University in helping inform us of what works well in ENroute and what we can seek to introduce to further develop the scheme .
Finally , I cannot close without recognising and celebrating the exceptional leadership of Dr Fiona Smart , the outgoing ENroute Lead and Head of the Department of Learning and Teaching Enhancement . Fiona has invested an amazing amount of effort , time and work into shaping ENroute into the collegiate , supportive and successful scheme it is today . Fiona will be a massive loss to ENroute , DLTE and the University more widely , and I am sure you will all join me in thanking Fiona and wishing her well for the future !
Cameron Graham University Lead for ENroute , Senior Fellow