Edinburgh Napier University: ENroute Yearbook 2019 Edition - Page 6

ENroute Yearbook 2018-19
Do as I say , OR what I do ... Neil Guthrie , School of Applied Sciences , Associate Fellow
As a former lifeguard trainer assessor and now in my current role working as a Technician for Sport , Exercise and Health Science , I have always been aware that it is important to consider that people will learn in different ways – VARK !
I currently work with students across all levels of the University , from first year undergraduates to PhD students and , therefore , I must be able to utilise different methods and materials to suit the needs of each individual . I am definitely a Kinesthetic learner ( I like to do what I am learning ) and I will always encourage students to practice what I am showing them . I will usually follow a process where I will let the students see me do something whilst talking them through it , and then have them undertake the task themselves .
I would never expect a student to be proficient at using a piece of equipment after one training session and this is why there is a database of Standard Operating Procedures ( SOPs ) readily available to our students via our Sport , Exercise and Health Technicians Moodle Page . This allows them open access to step-by-step , illustrated guides for each piece of equipment in the lab and ensures all methods of learning in the VARK model are accounted for .
Using the SOPs , alongside one-to-one or group training sessions , allows our students to work independently and gives them applied skills which they can take with them after graduation .