Edinburgh Napier University: ENroute Yearbook 2019 Edition - Page 21

ENroute Yearbook 2018-19

A Final Word from the University ENroute Lead

ENroute exists to enable staff who teach and / or support learning to have their contribution to the student experience recognised and valued . It is enabled by a cadre of mentors and reviewers whose commitment risks being unseen within the bustle of university life . I take this opportunity to thank each mentor and every reviewer for their time , skill and willingness to make it all happen . I am indebted to you . I also take this opportunity to recognise the work of the ENroute administrator – Louise McCarte – for her unstinting work and concern for participants coming into the scheme . Louise was recognised as a Senior Fellow in the summer , a fantastic achievement .
Dr Fiona Smart , ENroute University Lead ,
Senior Teaching Fellow
I close noting that we ’ re beginning the process of reaccrediting ENroute . We will need to complete this activity by 31 March 2021 at the latest . We will be seeking views from across the University in respect of what is working well in the scheme and how we can develop it .
For now , I restate my thanks to mentors and to reviewers . You make ENroute the success it is .
Dr Fiona Smart University Lead for ENroute , Principal Fellow