Edinburgh Napier University: ENroute Yearbook 2018 Edition - Page 22

ENroute Yearbook 2017-18 A Final Word from the University ENroute Lead I read this third ENroute Yearbook with a smile on my face. Why? Because it captures something of the breadth and richness of our pedagogic practices at Edinburgh Napier. Moreover it includes case studies from colleagues in professional services whose roles we know to be invaluable to our mission and everyday work. However, I think the challenge for us is not to just enjoy the Yearbook and its entries, but to use the insights it offers to reflect on our own practices and perhaps consider their enhancement. So a challenge for you. Or rather two. Dr Fiona Smart, ENroute University Lead, Senior Teaching Fellow First, make contact with one of the authors of a case study and ask them to tell you more about what they did, why and with what outcome? In other words, start a dialogue with a view to learning more about someone and what they do. Second, the Yearbook lists everyone who has been recognised with Fellowship last academic year and identifies their School or Service. Could you commit to making contact with someone you don’t know and just ask them about the process by which they gained their recognition and what they were able to learn from it? Again, the aim is to start a dialogue. I have no idea what they will say. What I do know is that in starting the conversation we enable focus to stay centred on something which matters to students – quality teaching and the support of learning. They value it. We must too. Wishing you well! Dr Fiona Smart University Lead for ENroute, Principal Fellow 20